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Jan 27 2011

ALT Style: Shiny, Shiny

Anna Beth Chao of Hashai

Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind

Meg Keene of A Practical Wedding

Me of Vegas Cocktail Waitress

23 Responses to “ALT Style: Shiny, Shiny”

  • Alyssa // welikewelove Says:

    Couldn’t get enough of the sparkles dresses at Alt!
    You girls are stone foxes. Wow. hot hot hot!

  • Lindsay Says:

    Your legs look like they go on for days. Ha-cha-cha.

  • nelking Says:

    Your shoes. Please give more detail.

  • Stacey Says:

    Great legs, lady!

  • Rachel Says:

    If I were you I’d frame that picture and hang it on my front door for the world to see.

  • Krysta Says:

    LOVE your dress! Love, love , love!

  • Roxanna Says:

    Shiny pretty girls!

    What was that exercise video you recommended again? Wow.

  • Laura Jane Says:

    Maggie, your legs are Out. Of. Control. YOWZA.

  • Jennifer Says:

    “Nice stems.”

  • erin / dfm Says:

    i’m so happy the shiny wasn’t in reference to my face. just this once, at least.

    BEST. LEGS. EVER, mags.

  • Elsa Says:

    Can AB Chao tell us where she got those cute boots? I need.

  • Meg Says:


  • Jenne Says:


  • AB Says:

    Ladies! The shoes are from No. 6. Right chya: http://bit.ly/41tOk8

  • Sarah Berry Says:

    As a fellow redhead, I feel the need to also own a gold sparkly dress!! But I bet you thrifted it, didn’t you?!

  • Katie Jane Says:

    You guys are rocking the sparkles, and making me want to go buy a sparkly cocktail dress rightthissecond.

  • Christy Says:

    Hello, Walking Sticks.

  • Andrea Says:

    Love ALL the photos, sparkles, LEGS, and LAMB’s GRILL!!

  • Sarah Says:

    Is that you in the last photo? ooh, if you’re ever willing to share where you found that fantastic long sleeved mini dress…I’m all ears.


    No, really.

  • shenne Says:

    The sparkly dress. The endless legs. The red shoes against that floor. Great image!

  • Sarah N. Says:

    1. I have a sparkly red sequin sheath dress that would have fit RIGHT in with you ladies.

    2. MEG! Strike a pose, lady, YOWZA.

    3. Amazing.

  • Meegan Says:

    DAMN, girl. You got gams!

  • Betsy King Says:

    MEOW!!! Sexy ladies in the HOUSE! Way to represent Indiana Erin!!