Mighty Life List
Dec 31 2010

1,000 Songs Project: Friday Mixtape

I’ve always wished I knew more about music, and this is part of my Life List project to listen to 1,000 new songs. Right now I’m up to 976, and on Fridays I share some of my new favorites. If you’d like to share some music with me, please link to your picks in comments, and I will listen to them.

Those to Come from The Shins

Two of Those Two by Maria Taylor

Doo Wah Doo from Kate Nash (Thanks, Molly.)

That Day from The Villagers (Thanks, Jan.)

Firework from Katy Perry. I know you’ve heard this. I don’t care. Let’s do this.

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20 Responses to “1,000 Songs Project: Friday Mixtape”

  • Kara Says:

    Oh, I just love Kate Nash.

  • Jen M. Says:

    Since you have almost reached 1,000, I would like to know if you feel like you know more about music (since that was part of your goal) or if you’ve just listened to a ton of random stuff and expanded the selection on your iPod. Often when people talk about genres beyond the basic’s (like trash or death metal) I have little to no concept of what type of music that is, so I’m wondering if you learned more about different genres through listening to all of this new music.

  • Corve DaCosta Says:

    I love the song Firework by Katy Perry.

  • Brooke Says:

    The 5 year old LOVES “Firework”. The joy in her over-the-top performance on the way home from school is one of the highlights of my day.

  • Kelly Says:

    Thanks for posting the firework video. So much fun! I felt like a 41 year old teen watching it.

  • Daily Cup of Jo Says:

    One of my husband’s resolutions for both of us was to put music back into our lives on a daily basis. It will require actually seeking out new tunes and then compiling them into a playlist to put on our iPod. I’ve done some searching, and came across your recommendations from Fridays. THANK YOU! And thanks for the Mighty Life List – for me, still a work in progress, but isn’t that the point?

    Happy new year.

  • Jan Says:

    Aw, delighted you liked the track. It’s currently on repeat on my iPhone :)

  • Rachel Says:

    This rendition of Sugar by Dan Wilson:

    ever since I heard it at the end credits of a Californication episode, I had to buy the whole album off of itunes, love all of it, but this song haunts me.
    Oh, and Happy New Year!

  • Sally Says:

    GREAT songs. Try this one: I Belong To You, Scott Mellis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCGH7UpD8Lo

  • Sally Says:

    Ooh, and this one: We Could Get Lost, Mark Sholtez http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVd0vHoMCqM

    And any of these songs by Gossling: http://www.myspace.com/gosslingmusic

    All Australian artists! :D

  • Amber Says:

    Have you checked out/featured that Adele song, “Rolling in the Deep” yet? I cannot get enough of that song. When she wails into the chorus the first time? I seriously want to cry it’s so perfect.

  • Amber Says:

    I just thought to Google it, and yes, I see you have featured it. Sweet. Carry on then.

  • Danielle Says:

    Little Green Bag – George Baker Selection

    Anthem – Leonard Cohen
    (really – anything by Leonard Cohen is awesome)

  • diy-day.com Says:

    More of a radio station, actually. Smooth Jazz 105.9, from DC. Practically everything they play is nostalgic or was a hit at some time (in my opinion)…

  • Molly Says:

    Oh yay! The warm embrace of the intertrons validates me!

    I like the Villagers song very much, and I find the singer’s haircut an amusing puzzle. Edgy? Retro? Hilarious? I am unsure.

  • Nicole Says:

    Why is your whole site in italics now? Not too easy on the eyes.

  • Allison A Says:

    Ah, I love Katy Perry and I don’t even care who knows it!!

    Along the lines of The Shins, yesterday I heard a cover of Squeeze’s “Goodbye Girl” and it was pure MAGIC!

  • Manders Says:

    Seriously, you ought to check out Black Dub. This is my favorite song of theirs, called “Silverado”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaKnOg5TvkU

    Also, you have an italics tag open somewhere, I think.

  • bettysixth Says:

    Here’s a rad song–“Hang with Me” by Robyn:


    My 2 year old falls asleep to this song every night!

  • Kat Says:

    This song by Kimbra, “Settle down”:


    She reminds me of Nina Simone/Amy Winehouse/Camille and truly amazing.

    Second song is “This is a lull” by Run Toto Run:


    Hope you enjoy them!