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Dec 20 2010

Rip It Up, Official Video


Internet, this is my own personal Rickroll.

6 Responses to “Rip It Up, Official Video”

  • Michelle Says:


  • Kate Says:

    OMG. I had this song on the BEST EVER mixed tape in 8th grade! Along with another 55 minutes of early ’80s Euro-New Wave-pop. I thought I was soooo cool. Frightening. Thanks for the memories!

  • Mme_M Says:

    Oh pre-Girl Like You Edwyn Collins! Looks so…young and dewy!

  • Daniella Says:

    Love it!
    My boy (who is 45) loves Orange Juice, something about growing up in Glasgow and hanging out in similar places. I have just sourced on ebay the whole catalogue in orginal hand made sleves (Go Postcard Records!)for Christmas.
    Good karma is coming my way!

  • pilgrim Says:

    awesome! i love orange juice (and wow, daniella, please be MY girlfriend!)

  • mrpetert Says:

    Guardian newspaper has a stream from the new collection: http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/2010/nov/08/orange-juice-coals-newcastle