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Dec 2 2010

10 Impeccable Holiday Cards

We finally picked this year’s holiday cards, but here are the cards that got away:

Letterpress Peace Wreath

Set of 12 Letterpress Printed Holiday Cards Silent Night

5-Pack Holiday Cards with Hand Lettering, Peace on Earth

Letterpress Champagne Bubbles Holiday Cards, Set of 8

Screenprinted Walnut Wooden Holiday Card

Letterpress Seasons Greetings Notecards, Set of 10

Modern Geometric New Year Photo Card

The Orange – Set of 6 Letterpress Printed Note Cards

Sunburst Holiday New Year Photo Cards

Tiny Snowflakes Embossed Card

I’m a sucker for letterpress and gocco, but I’ve been pleased with the design evolution of preprinted photo cards –lovely, no? I’ll show you which card we chose once all of them are safely tucked in mailboxes, but what card are you sending this year?

15 Responses to “10 Impeccable Holiday Cards”

  • Shauna (Fido & Wino) Says:

    Those are beautiful. Really like that last one- gorgeous.

  • Laura Mayes Says:

    I want The Orange. Someone send me The Orange!

  • Rachel Says:

    These are gorgeous.
    I’ve sworn off sending cards this year – probably for life. Instead I am going to phone/Skype or visit people to wish them a happy holidays. Minimalist bug has caught me and I want a better connection with friends and family.

  • Nora Says:

    My wonderful and delicious boyfriend is an artist and has designed a card for us this this year. Now if we can just manage to get ’em printed out, we’re golden.

  • Chantel I. Says:

    I bought just one set of Snowflakes letterpress cards from Sweet Harvey via Etsy. I’m only sending cards to immediate family I won’t be seeing this Christmas.

  • Tanya Says:

    thank you for including snap + tumble in this great list of holiday cards!

  • Jan Says:

    Paperchase, my favourite stationery shop in the UK, do a great range of funky retro cards. They’re already done, dusted and in the post.

    Lovely cards! (maybe next year :) )

  • Tina Says:

    Those are beautiful! I always look for one that says “peace on earth”. I always send a photocard since everyone we know is scattered everywhere. Shutterfly has some nice cardstock ones this year and some great prices, so we did one from there and I love them!

  • Anna Says:

    I wasn’t going to send any cards but all these are so lovely I might have to!

  • Dana Says:

    We do a card with a photo of our children but trying to get four kids in one frame where someone isn’t crying, complaining or pinching another one is nearly impossible. Last year, we went with a compilation of all the terrible photos because it felt more real. This year, I shot 120 frames trying to get just one good one. I put together a short – I think hilarious – movie of just how hard the task is. http://www.vimeo.com/17268743
    Still haven’t decided which one to actually use.

  • Jen Says:

    I SWOON over Wild Ink Press’ Merry Merry Christmas Letterpress cards: http://www.etsy.com/listing/60244823/merry-merry-christmas-letterpress-cards!!

  • ashley Says:

    Thanks for including inviting’s champagne bubbles! Nothing says the holidays like bubbles. : )

  • LazyMom Says:

    Great cards.

  • Cynthia Says:

    Love the orange one too. Would be perfect and fantastic if it were scratch-and-sniff :)

  • findingmagnolia Says:

    Our adoption timing ended up pushing us into sending adoption announcements during the holiday season, so we are sending holiday cards to a very limited list of folks and hoping that news of our beautiful daughter is festive enough for everyone else. Initially I thought I could do both for everyone, but it turns out that mothering a three-year-old with an aversion to sleep and a mischievous streak leaves little time and energy to do everything on my list. At this point I feel like it’s a good day if I manage to put my underwear on right side out; maybe next year I’ll have it more together.