Mighty Life List
Dec 1 2010

Baby, it’s Cold Outside

It’s December! We thought we’d go visit winter.

7 Responses to “Baby, it’s Cold Outside”

  • Sarah Says:

    So jealous as usual Maggie. We had a trip to Tahoe planned with my roadtrip loving mom for the weekend before THanksgiving and got snowed out. Too much snow to safely drive with a toddler. Such a bummer. Looks like you had a blast!

  • cheryl Says:

    visiting (and then leaving) is the ideal way to winter

  • Rebecca Says:

    Seriously, how effing cute is your kid? Adorable.

  • Nicole Says:

    So where is this winter place relative to SF? My husband and I will be in the bay area for Christmas, and now that we live in the south winter is very far away from us. I would love to “visit winter” while out west.

  • Maggie Mason Says:

    Nicole, Lake Tahoe is about four hours east of San Francisco, but you can get to snow in Placer county a little quicker.

  • Cindy Says:

    I love all of this! And I’m really enjoying the pictures taken by Hank.

  • Kat Says:

    We were there the weekend after Thanksgiving! It snowed hard the whole day Saturday, so instead of playing outside (which we did for about 45 minutes), we mostly stayed inside and drank and played board games. It was lovely.

    And I beat everyone at Monopoly.