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Nov 23 2010

Anthology Magazine Launch Party

Hey, I forgot to tell you that Kelly and I tore it up at the Anthology Magazine launch party. For those of you raising an eyebrow at the idea of “tearing it up” at a party held in a West Elm store, I’ll have you know we bought the shit out of some stocking stuffers. Also, the DJ was amazing.

The magazine is also pretty amazing, so we thanked Anh-Minh and Meg for making a print pub to help us recover from the tragic loss of Domino and Blueprint. Then Holly and I took some photos in the photo booth.

In most of them we were mid sneeze, or inexplicably triple chinned, so these are the only ones I’m showing you. I have my pride.

Also, Holly said she would gut me if I let you see the rest of them. Although, she did say it with a British accent, which made it sound less like a threat and more like an invitation to some novel kind of sporting event where there are mallets and no one wears helmets.

After much merriment and squealing over one another’s outfits, we returned to the parking lot to find the Ghia dead, because I’d left the lights on.

This is a thing I do, by the way. I’m accustomed to driving a car with lights that switch off automagically, rendering me soft and stupid in the face of early ’70s technology. Which is to say, no technology whatsoever. Karmann Ghias are essentially blade-free lawnmowers with rearview mirrors.

Fortunately, Jordan and Rebecca were still around to give us a jump/mock us. So they followed us until we got over the bridge, and then Kelly and I had too many gimlets at the neighborhood bar, which is becoming a tradition with us.

In conclusion, good times.

10 Responses to “Anthology Magazine Launch Party”

  • Ris Says:

    Ooh, the magazine looks lovely (RIP Domino).

  • Notorious MLE Says:

    It WAS fun and so nice to get the chance to meet you Maggie!

  • Heather Says:

    hooray! i’m so glad you still have you Ghia!

  • Jennifer June Says:

    I had a ’64 Ranchero with a knob you pulled to get the lights on. I hung a small keychain on the knob. Whenever I turned my lights on, I’d move the keychain to the door handle (or the lock), to remind me to turn off the lights when I got out of the car. My key chain had a lucky penny on it… I counted myself lucky every time I remember to turn off my lights. Phew.

  • Jan Says:

    The car is simply devine! Too bad it needed a jump but at least you got a fab snap out of it :)

  • Nothing But Bonfires Says:

    Did you climb into my bedroom window to get these? I totally forgot to scan them! At least now we have blackmail against each other, should we ever need it.

  • Stella Says:

    My old car had no power steering and the brakes would have to be replaced constantly. Still, I loved it with all my heart. I still don’t want to sell it. I will admit I have taken for granted my new car, whose lights turn off automatically. Or it beeps to remind me that I have to turn them off.

    I need your friend’s skirt and jacket, stat!

  • Maggie Mason Says:

    They’re online Holly. They’re. Online.

  • auntie Says:

    “inexplicably triple chinned” cracked me up!

  • Kelly Says:

    Ah, tradition.