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Nov 1 2010

Monkey Robot Family

Hank asked to be a Monkey Robot for Halloween, so our work here is done.

Here is my child dressed as Everything That is Awesome. I based his robot panel on Arlo’s robot costume from a few years back, which is the work of my supermom designer friend Jen Robbins.

Bryan and I were thinking of going as mad scientists, until we hit upon the scheme of going as a robot and a monkey. This is my subdued girl-robot costume, with Blade Runner hair and mini-loaf tin shoulder pads.

The best part of the costume were the leg circuits. We drew them on with Crayola markers, then I put nylons over them.

I figured I’d just wear pants until they washed off, and then belatedly remembered we have fancy plans tonight. Le sigh. “Hello, I’m the girl with the sub-par tattoos.”

Bryan is a real natural in the role of monkey. It’s too bad we didn’t bring along any plastic poop for flinging, because I think that would have really made the costume. Next year.

More costume and Halloween photos on Flickr.

18 Responses to “Monkey Robot Family”

  • Kimberly Says:

    Pro tip: nail polish remover takes most marker off of skin.

    Loved the costumes!

  • GirlsGoneChild Says:


  • Laurie Says:

    Monkey robot! My three year-old was a ghost plumber.

  • Mareshia Says:

    Less noxious than nail polish remover…rubbing alcohol rids you of even permanent sharpie marks.

  • Beth K. Says:

    Tootsie Roll midges would make great monkey poo…

    Wonderful costumes!

  • Anne-Katherine S Says:

    If it’s just regular crayola markers, just soak in the bath for a little while and it should come off SUPER easily.

  • *S Says:

    So creative! ;)

  • Elizabeth Says:

    First of all, this is the greatest group costume I’ve yet to see. Super clever! (I would expect nothing less from the Mighty Girl and Fam!)
    Second, what happened to the sweet little Hank Fishie????!! He looks so grown up now!!

  • Alicia Says:

    My friends dressed their little boy up as a Sock Monkey and then the mom was a sock and the dad was a monkey. Their dog was a banana. It was the sweetest family photo ever.

  • Jan Says:

    The leg circuit tattoos paired with those cute silver heels have to be my favourite. I wish I could go to work sporting that look!

  • Sarah Says:

    Makes me wish we had fulfilled our son’s wish to be a motorbike riding robot, with robot parents. He was a dinosaur instead thanks to his sewing genius gramma.

  • Maureen Says:

    I want your shoes. Are they metallic? What brand/label are they? They look super comfortable, and they’re stylish as all get out.

  • Amber Says:

    I second both the rubbing alcohol recommendation for marker removal and the request for shoe info! Also, your kid is adorable!

  • Shevon Says:

    Love it!!

  • Maggie Mason Says:

    The rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover worked only on the colored dots. Looks like I’m stuck with very orderly looking veins for a while.

    The shoes are metallic, and I got them through Target online years ago.

  • Erin Says:

    When I saw this post I laughed. I admire your creativity. Our niece went as a kitty princess. It was adorable. Kids are the most creative at coming up with costumes.

    When I shared this with my fiance he told me to google Monkey vs Robot the song. It’s kind of hilarious. Thought I would share it with you all too.


  • Bethany Says:

    my daughter is asking to be a bear robot for next years halloween. I’ll have to keep this post bookmarked. super cute

  • kim Says:

    Hey Maggie – I too have leg circuits, but unfortunately they aren’t the kind to wash off, either! (damn genetics) I do really like the term leg circuits – sounds so much nicer then varicose veins!