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Oct 26 2010

You Lost Me There

Mr. Baldwin is in San Francisco doing a reading tonight at the Ferry Building (6 p.m.). I hear his approximation of a Maine accent is without parallel.

The best parts of You Lost Me There:

“I tried playing housewife for a year to an empty house.”

“Russell squeezed my arm and gave me a light hug. While he strode toward the airport, compact and hustling, his suit bag like a shadow on his back, I thought, I don’t care if I ever see him again.”

“Sara always said it was a hindrance of mine, that I expected people to tell me what they needed.”

“After the coffee he was still focused on how she liked it, how she took it, he put it, going into details to show off his good fortune for discovering a woman who didn’t mind facing away from him during sex.”

“She longed for honor. For Eagle Scouts.”

“I won’t have a normal relationship. That’s not who I am.”
“Of course not.”
“I won’t be dragged down to what other people do.”

“You’ll have worked tremendously hard to build your life after a certain fashion, and then suddenly, one morning, you want something different. You want anything but what you have, you want it new, and you want it just right then. It’s terrifying, the desire’s so powerful, you’re just sick with it.”

7 Responses to “You Lost Me There”

  • Cassie Says:

    And now I have to go buy this book.


  • Kate Says:

    Oh my, that last one. That. It so perfectly sums up my professional life right now. I just love how some people use words; it’s why I love reading blogs so much.

  • elsie Says:

    that last quote..? O period M period G period, seriously…

  • HeatherJamieson Says:

    I sincerely hope he didn’t write “you right it just right then” ;).

  • latenac Says:

    The last one hits a little too close to home. I think I’ll have to move the book from my wish list to my purchased list.

  • Maggeh Says:

    Oops. Thanks, Heather.

  • HeatherJamieson Says:

    You’re so lovely, Maggie. I felt like such a pain in the butt for pointing that out & came back to delete my comment & here you are being impeccably gracious :).