Mighty Life List
Oct 19 2010

The Commission Project

Paul Ferney has a studio downstairs from my office, and I pop in occasionally to chat and see what he’s been working on. Right now he’s working on The Commission Project, a series of 100 portraits commissioned by folks like you and me. They’re only $200 each, which is a steal — above is his painting of Hank from a photo taken by my friend Ryan Carver.

If you’d like a portrait of your kid, or your pet, or your backyard swing set, now’s the time to stake your claim. I have a feeling Paul’s schedule is filling up fast.

4 Responses to “The Commission Project”

  • Jacque Says:

    Thank you for posting this; what a treasure!

  • marie mcintosh Says:

    oh my god this is actually on my life list AND i live in san francisco. you are my favorite favorite maggie mason!

  • Rosinia Says:

    I loved this idea. Sadly, The Comission Project is sold out…

  • Auntie Says:

    One of the best things I ever did was have an oil painting done of my Grandson. Done by a then 84 yr.old woman in Florida. But for only $200 you got a deal!