Mighty Life List
Oct 5 2010

Raising a Foodie

Me: Do you want syrup on your pancakes?
Hank: Yes.
Bryan: Here you go! The finest syrup New Jersey has to offer.
Me: Real syrup. None of that watery maple crap.
Bryan: Tree whiz.

4 Responses to “Raising a Foodie”

  • Maureen Says:

    Yes! Watery maple crap! That’s how I feel about it, too. My husband is horrified that I prefer Aunt Jemima Light, but I really do.

  • Natalie Says:

    This year, I beat my first video game, which was on my life list. I’m currently working on learning to dance.

    If I win this exciting giveaway, it would help motivate me to fulfill my goal of taking one good picture a day for a year :)

  • Natalie Says:

    Oh, the fail. Wrong post. But this did make me chuckle…

  • Kelly Says:

    I actually don’t put any syrup on my pancakes or waffles, but if I did, I’d use fake. The real stuff tastes funny to me (and I grew up in New England!) I use the real stuff for cooking though…