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Sep 30 2010

Skylar Reeves: Rockstars and Babies

Some favorite photos by Skylar Reeves:

5 Responses to “Skylar Reeves: Rockstars and Babies”

  • Meegan Says:

    That last baby picture is almost vasectomy-reverse worthy. Yummy baby.

  • Jet Harrington Says:

    So much awesome.

    That baby’s face at the bottom? “Why-the-grrrrrrr am I naked on this grass? The grass – it is like nails, like nails I tell you. Someone please get me a cigar.”

  • Maggeh Says:

    I think he’s looking for a can of spinach.

  • Lindsey Kaye Says:

    Hey, it’s Summerbirds in the Cellar (photo no.3)
    One of my favorite bands from the last few years, I was sad when they broke up.

  • Paula Says:

    Is that Janelle Monae in the top photo? Her album is amazing. And that looks like a fun picture to take.