Mighty Life List
Aug 18 2010

Chocolate and Champagne Wednesday!

I’m back in New York for the Intel Insiders Summit, so this morning I had chocolate and champagne in Central Park with Zan.

Here’s to waking up with the light, breakfast in the park, and recovering from what ails you.

What are you toasting today?

10 Responses to “Chocolate and Champagne Wednesday!”

  • Ariel Says:

    Today I am toasting a 4.0 my first semester of college! And the stack of books for fall semester that weighs as much as my daughter!

  • Jessica Says:

    Standing my ground.

  • Eleanor's Trousers Says:

    Today I’m toasting getting a lot of writing done lately- even if it means I’m not getting a lot of sleeping done lately.

  • Natalie Smith Says:

    I’m toasting to Magie and Zan for being rad!

  • zan Says:

    I’m toasting friends who take good pictures of me, cinematic New York moments, and getting work done while listening to ELO.

  • AbraCat Says:

    I’m toasting sticking to a schedule now that my kids are back in school!

  • Sarah Says:

    Relief and helpful brothers.

  • Sassafras Mama Says:

    The fact that my boy is back home with me. Where he belongs.

  • Nicole Says:

    cheers to getting rid of a nagging anxiety!! double whoop whoop!!

  • Mercedes Says:

    chipping away at debt, registering for classes to finish my Administrative license & tackling the to do list little by little