Mighty Life List
Aug 16 2010

Natalie’s Life List: Hotdog from a Cart in NYC

Natalie’s Life List included a visit to a hotdog stand in New York, so we stopped at the one outside Muji. It’s possible we should have been more particular, because the hotdogs were $7 each, and fairly terrible. Still, we felt accomplished.

9 Responses to “Natalie’s Life List: Hotdog from a Cart in NYC”

  • teensleuth Says:

    That photo’s pretty sexy, in a cheap way, huh?

  • Kristen Says:

    I wonder how many bloggers knocked something off their life lists while in New York. A ton of us, I’d venture to guess!

  • Toni Smith Says:

    I love the lipstick color choice! Awesome. Never been to NYC, living vicariously through my children.

  • Liz Says:

    $7?!?! I keep going to the next street corner if they’re more than $1.50!

  • Sromeo Says:

    SEVEN dollars??????? You got ripped off, lady friend!

  • Sassafras Mama Says:

    I’m with the folks who feel you got ripped off, but I hate to be churlish when a life list item is on the line. Congrats to Natalie!

  • Maggie Says:

    I knew we were getting ripped off, but it was my bad for not asking the price before we ordered. Lesson learned.

  • Paul Smith Says:

    I’m happy you made it to NYC. What else is on your Mighty life list?

  • Leah Says:

    holy cow, that is an expensive hotdog (even for NYC).

    I went to NYC for the first time last Thanksgiving (well, a few days before — great because there were no crowds). People had warned me that my boyfriend and I would spend a fortune on our two day visit there. But we found a hotel for under $100 in Queens (thanks, google maps!) that was right near the subway, took the subway/walked everywhere, and ate at hotdog carts, little pizza-by-the-slice places, and farmer’s markets. Our biggest expense was our MOMA/Top of the Rock ticket, which is just how I like life.

    <3 NYC. Must visit again.