Mighty Life List
Aug 10 2010

I am very tired.

I have so much to tell you about my week in New York, once I wake up from my travel coma. For now, there are a few photos up on Facebook.

It was lovely talking to everyone who came out to the meetup, thank you all for braving potential blog-meetup awkwardness in the name of beer.

Let’s talk more after we’ve taken a short nap. I’ll meet you back here in three months.

4 Responses to “I am very tired.”

  • Anne (in Reno) Says:

    Irrelevant but hopefully not creepy from a longtime reader but seldom commmenter: I watched the original The Thin Man last night and could not get over how much Nora Charles reminded me of you. If you ever get a dog, I vote you name it Asta.

  • elsie Says:

    friend requested you on facebook – hope that’s not to stalkery…

  • tea_austen Says:

    That is such a rockstar photo. Love it.

    Rest up good, ya hear now?

    (apparently I am channeling my inner southerner today)

  • BeckyC Says:

    Very nice! I loves me a good rock star photo. I visited San Fran this last week and went to Miette in Hayes Valley on your “Champagne & Chocolate Fridays” recommendation. It was amazing! I have quite a sweet tooth and their international candy selection was impressive. Thank you for the reference.