Mighty Life List
Aug 3 2010

Room with a View

I’ve had New York on my mind for months. They have summer here, and hot dog stands, and the Empire State building right outside the window.

Are you in town this week? Remember to meet us for drinks Saturday at the Volstead.

3 Responses to “Room with a View”

  • Rachelino Says:

    I was a lucky enough ducky to be in NYC during three days of perfect weather (July 1-4) before the heat wave hit. As a fellow bay area fog dweller, I miss living somewhere that has summer. Walking for hours after dark without a jacket, with everyone revelling in the street, getting dinner at 10….it was perfect, and I hope your time in NYC is too.
    Also? I really need to do my life list!

  • JSweet Says:

    NYC in the summer is the perfect wear nothing, stay out all night, eat outside moment. Jealous!
    Is there nothing on your Mighty Life List that is NYC related? I just wrote my life list and oddly, nothing needs to take place there either even though I live 40 miles away. We must rectify this!

  • Susannah Says:

    Great party! Had a blast!