Mighty Life List
May 28 2010

Friday Mixtape

I’ve always wished I knew more about music, and this is part of my Life List project to listen to 1,000 new songs. Right now I’m up to 228, and on Fridays I share some of my new favorites.

“Invincible” by OK Go
I just saw these guys at the Fillmore. A friend had tickets, and I mostly knew them from You Tube (as you may know, they’re the treadmill/Rube Goldberg Machine guys). The performance made me feel smarter and more hopeful. Go see a show if you get a chance.

“French Navy” by Camera Obscura
via Josh A. Cagan See his movie!

“Away with Murder” by Camera Obscura
You know what? Just go ahead and love this whole album.
Also, via Josh.

How You Like Me Now” by The Heavy
Via Andy Langer in Esquire

Still looking for more music? Here you go: Mixtape 1, Mixtape 2, Mixtape 3, Mixtape 4, Mixtape 5

May 27 2010


Me: What do you have there, honey? A wire hanger?
Hank: Yeah.
Me: Can you say “NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!”
Bryan: And then say EVEEEER!
Bryan: And then become a gay icon.
Me: Do you want to be a gay icon, Hank?
Bryan: You can be anything you want.

May 26 2010

Champagne and Chocolate Wednesday

Libby and I took a mini-roadtrip up to the cabin with Hank this week, so we woke up in the woods this morning. Cheers to rain dripping from the Redwoods, laziness over showering, and Hank calling out the color of each M&M before he eats it.

What are you toasting this week?

May 26 2010

Mighty Life List Update

I added a few more items to my life list:

  • Start a fire without a match (inspired by Jessica Eiden Smedley).
  • Learn ten new lullabies.
  • Live in a converted barn with an ocean view.
  • Hike the Inca Trail.
  • Spend the night in a treehouse.
  • See a space shuttle launch (inspired by Karen.)
  • Swim with a whale (inspired by Evany).
May 26 2010

Life Scoop: Top 5 Outdoor Toys for Geeky Kids

Summer’s almost here, and your child is still surgically attached to the nearest glowing screen. If you’d like to nudge your kids outdoors without the ensuing drama, these gadgets for kids will hold their attention while they take in a little fresh air. Read more…

May 25 2010

Nature vs. Nurture

May 25 2010

Clock Without a Face: Numbers 11, 4, and 3

Remember McSweeney’s Clock Without a Face treasure hunting book? The first three numbers turned up, and they’re lovely:

Eleven was found first in the California Valley.

“After maybe two stabs at the ground, the treasure was revealed. Or, leastways, a plastic baggie (with a rather large hole in it, which may have been groundhog mischief) covering another plastic baggie, containing a wooden box, was revealed. As we made very pithy proclamations, such as “I can’t believe this!” and “No way!”, I opened the baggies and then the box to find a cloth with a wax seal and string around it, as well as a piece of paper with a handwritten note.”

The four was found next in Virginia.

Number three was the most recent find in Washington. Photos of the container and wax seal are here. Those photos might give other sleuths an idea of how deep to dig.

Aren’t the numbers gorgeous?