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Apr 6 2010

Placenta! It’s What’s for Dinner

7 Responses to “Placenta! It’s What’s for Dinner”

  • Rbiggs Says:

    Are you pregnant?

  • Lisa Says:

    Aloha Maggie,

    This is my favorite face you made during this episode (at 2:41).



    Aloha from Maui,

  • Stephni Says:

    My boys were cuter than my placenta.

  • Rbiggs Says:

    Oh, I commented before it was a video!

  • Joyce Says:

    Oh Maggie…your look of complete revulsion is hilarious!

    The scoop….I had my first baby in Germany, in a normal hospital (which was like a birthing playground, I kid you not). We had heard about how they make Homeopathic medicine from the placenta from our regular/Homeopathic doctor and thought “sounds interesting…why not”. So after the birth, our midwife took a slice of the placenta and sent it in to a lab that made several different types of medicines from it. I now have remedies for a slight late period, for a late, late period, when I or the kid (now 7) gets sick and for stress. Believe or not (or maybe they are just fabulous placebos)…it works. This, from the most squeamish person on the planet..go figure.

  • Kara Says:

    Hmmm… is it still cannibalism if the body part (placenta in this case) doesn’t come from a dead person? Personally, I think that it is.

    I am normally an adventurous eater, but this is really too far beyond the pale for me! I confess that I couldn’t even watch the video!

  • Jenn Says:

    I so should have waited to watch this until after lunch:)