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Apr 6 2010

My Lifescoop: Top 5 Lapdesks

You know how you put a pillow on your lap so your computer doesn’t burn you while you work on the couch, but then your laptop fan wheezes and sucks in pillow dust? Stop doing that.

Invest in a lap desk. Here are five options that dramatically increase your ability to work from the couch. Which is what all of us want in the end.

2 Responses to “My Lifescoop: Top 5 Lapdesks”

  • Lisa Says:

    It says the top 5 lapdesks…but I only see two! I Page 2 doesn’t have anything on it! Is it just me?

  • Pammer Says:

    Oh, good Christ, YES! Thank you. I have a sunburn from the heat off my laptop. Perfect.