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Apr 2 2010

Mighty Closet: Jaime Chen, Outfit 3

This coat is so Jackie 2010, it probably came with giant sunglasses and a pack of cigarettes in the pockets. Jaime got this at Helen Yi in Chicago, and it has some nice details.

I love necklines like this because you don’t need to bother with a scarf.

It also has nice deep pockets so you can leave your purse home too.

Here’s what’s underneath the coat. This is the kind of thing Jaime wears to a nice dinner or holiday party.

The blouse is Tracy Reese, also from Helen Yi. Ms. Yi knows her audience.

Jaime’s skirt is from Sabine Poupinel in Copenhagen, and it has surprise blue lining in the pockets. Colored or patterned lining just makes me feel more pulled together. Blue pockets are such an incentive to shave your legs.

Her wool tights are Wolford.

The patent wedge heels are from a Zara in Hong Kong. Brown patent is not something you see every day.

A lot of Jaime’s jewelry is sentimental; her grandmother gave her the pearls. Her earrings were a gift from her mother-in-law who received them from her husband shortly after she was married.

This is what Jaime does when you mention that she’s been scowling at your lens for the better part of an hour.

Ah! There she is.

On Monday we’ll be back with leggings. Leggings! Don’t try to resist, they are rad.

15 Responses to “Mighty Closet: Jaime Chen, Outfit 3”

  • Bailey Says:

    I am loving this edition of Mighty Closet. All of the outfits have been exceptional, but this one? Took my breath away. The coat, the blouse, all of it. I sat up and took notice. You are beautiful.

    Fab camera work, Maggie!

  • amanda Says:

    Those sleeves/cuffs are a dream-come-to-life. Love. Those excited pangs of summer-longing are crushed as I now itch to wear a coat like that.

  • Cassie Boorn Says:

    Love this!

  • Kate Kaufman Says:

    Mighty Closet is rad. Always an inspiration.

  • Tiffany Says:

    This outfit is really stunning. I aspire to have even one outfit that would belong in the Mighty Closet.

  • L Says:

    Love the Jacket detail and chunkiness !

  • Jessica Says:

    Love it.

  • Megan Says:

    I want Mighty Closet ALL THE TIME! Gorgeous.

  • Curlystraight Says:

    I’m googling brown patent leather shoes.


  • dani Says:

    I love her outfits! She’s so put together and gorgeous. Keep the Mighty Closet posts coming – they’re so inspiring!

  • Abi Says:

    She looks great! I was told that wearing hose/tights with open-toe shoes was an absolute no. Is that not true?

  • Maggeh Says:

    Abi, that used to be true, but it’s been in fashion for a couple years now, in San Francisco at least. Especially if the tights are colorful.

  • Diana Says:

    This Jaime Chen lady dresses wonderfully, very inspiring. There are individual pieces that are so lovely, but are also parts of cool, complete looks.

    Also, her stance on quality over quantity is something I strive for and occasionally even live out!(I am such a sucker for the SALESALESALE wooing).

    I heart Mighty Closet!

    PS: Love me some heels, but, you know, to each her own. Respect to the Mighty Closet Ladies!

  • jennifer in sf Says:

    Oh my god that coat! Is wonderful.

    I am really enjoying Jamie’s style in general.

  • Abi Says:

    Thanks for the info! Its good to know that I don’t have to hide my open toe shoes any more when the weather gets a tad nippy. :)