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Mar 26 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr. Mason

It’s Bryan’s birthday today, so I’m posting an attractive photo of him on my Internet website. I sure do love that guy.

11 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Mr. Mason”

  • Karen from Chookooloonks Says:

    Aw, happy birthday Mr. Mason! Make sure the missus treats your right today. :)


  • AmberGO Says:

    Happy Birthday to Bryan! [He ~must~ be some kind of awesome b/c he and I share the same birthday–and I’m pretty rad too. ;o)]

  • Auntie Says:

    Yea, I love him too. He’s just that kind of guy. Happy Birthday Mr. Mason!

  • Wheezer345 Says:

    Nice, he has a “Bond, James Bond” type of pose going on!

  • Lauren Says:

    Hello, Ladies. Look at your man. Now look at me. Now back at your man. Now back to me.

    He’s quite handsome.

  • alice Says:

    He is a man who is handsome. He is mansome.

    Happy birthday, Mr. Mason! I hope you had a great one.

  • cadiz12 Says:

    something about this photo reminds me of that episode of How I Met Your Mother in which NPH’s Barney is adjusting his tie and looking awesome no matter what the circumstances of the photo.

    hope you guys had fun celebrating!

  • molly Says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Mason! Hoping a fabulous couple has a fabulous celebratory weekend.

  • Design Mom Says:

    Happy Birthday to Bryan Mason!

  • Lesley Says:

    Happy Bday Mr. Mason! I am glad you were born.

  • Erica Lucci Says:

    Happy birthday, Mr. Mason!