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Mar 26 2010

But You Must Pay the Rent!

Say! Wired magazine just interviewed my genius friend Margaret Stewart for 5 Secrets of YouTube’s Success, and they used one of my photos.


became this:

So for the next month I’ll be dressing in psychedelic hues and accessorizing with a copy of Wired casually opened to that page.

2 Responses to “But You Must Pay the Rent!”

  • zan Says:

    Congrats, Maggie!

    AND you just WHIPPED me back in time with that title. Since it’s Friday, I think we should all fold some paper into a bow and put on a Vaudeville show for our co-workers.

  • NicoleT Says:

    heeeheee… every time I hear that line, I remember my cousin doing that skit for us when he was three. Best memory ever. Teach it to Hank.