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Mar 22 2010

And a Dreamhouse Too

I wasn’t allowed to have Barbies as a kid.

Turns out I still want them.

Jewelry by artist Margaux Lange via @ebertchicago.

14 Responses to “And a Dreamhouse Too”

  • Michelle Says:


    I’m a little disturbed.

  • Ariel Says:

    Wow. I have a barbie I can send you:) She’s not dismembered though. I can’t compete with so much awesomeness.

  • Sue at nobaddays Says:

    Hmn … recently saw a Barbie necklace holder: http://bit.ly/cLATvG

  • Jessica Says:

    More freaky than funky. And, ew!

  • elsie Says:

    could barbie GET any better??? I think not!

  • Kate Says:

    This is hilarious. I wasn’t allowed to have barbies as a kid, either. I wonder how that deprivation will manifest itself now… :)

  • Christian Says:

    I was allowed one Barbie as a kid. She only had one leg and my mom named her Amy Amputee. I think wherever she is now, little Amy will rest better tonight, knowing she moved fashion an inch forward.

  • marla Says:

    More freaky than funky. And, ew!

  • Nancy R Says:

    Wow…like jewelry made by someone’s pesky little brother who used to destroy Barbies and has since ‘come out’ and discovered his crafty side.


  • Kat Says:

    I love them. Honestly.

    I looked them up to find out how much they run for, and one little necklace is over $250.

    Maybe we can make them?

  • Megan Says:

    Creepy. Familiar. Love it. Wish I could afford the smile necklace.

  • Wendi Says:

    Why weren’t you allowed to have a Barbie?

  • Min Says:

    I found this creepy.

  • amanda Says:

    I didn’t have them either, but by the time my sister came around and reached the Barbie-yearning age, my mom caved. I proceeded to give them all asymmetric bobs.