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Mar 10 2010

eBay Covet: Tailfeather Dress

Vintage 80s Black Saks Prom Dress Ruched Strapless XS, $175

12 Responses to “eBay Covet: Tailfeather Dress”

  • nelking Says:

    You would have to be XS to carry that off.

  • jen c Says:

    love it! i definitely couldn’t pull it off – but i can covet right along with you!

  • Nora Says:

    Gorgeous dress. And I’m pretty much that pale in real life, too! Too bad I’m long past my prom years.

  • maureen Says:

    Wonder what that rear pouffe would look like after sitting on it for two hours through dinner. Also, the 8o’s were all about using yards and yard and *yards* of fabric for everything.

  • Isabel @AlphaMom Says:

    oh no.

    the prom dresses of my era are now considered vintage?

    i am old.

  • Maggeh Says:

    Actually, you wouldn’t have to be skinny to pull off this style. The ruching hides all your natural bulges and makes them seem more fabric related. Please see, Mo’nique’s Oscar dress: http://extratv.warnerbros.com/images/monique.jpg

  • Becky Says:

    That is a great look. I had no taste in the 80’s. I was in these Gunne Sax (remember them) nightmares with puffed sleeves and Cinderella skirts. Once I had my hair curled and put in an asymmetrical updo. Why?!?

  • Julie Says:

    Oh my. No. And Mo’nique’s dress looked very David’s Bridal to me.

  • Heidi Says:

    I think you should get it, you could totally rock that dress!

  • patricia Says:

    I like the front. The back? Not so much.

  • jodi Says:

    Um, yes please. Happens to be that one of my life list items is to buy a dirty martini, 3 olives, wearing a black cocktail dress in NYC in a hotel bar. Specific, I know. It’s a vision, really.

  • WarsawMommy Says:

    Oh, I’d love it. Except that my ass is big and I just don’t think having EXTRA material would help matters.

    Although. Hold on. Maybe the tailfeather would HIDE my ass? If so, I’m in ;)