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Mar 8 2010

Elsewhere: Mighty Junior

Growth Chart Roundup

You’ve been measuring your kiddo against the kitchen door. But you live in a rental, and it might be tricky to take that door along with you when you go. Time to invest in a growth chart.

4 Responses to “Elsewhere: Mighty Junior”

  • Laura Sanderson Says:

    Just to say you missed the most wonderful growth chart in the world which is the “I’m as Big As” height chart and is found here:


    Seriously, you Masons would love it for the typography joy alone

  • robyn Says:

    My mom *totally* took the door with us when we moved from one house to another. :) But, we weren’t living in a rental…

  • wendy Says:

    ooh! i have to share the gorgeous growth chart i got from marisa, aka creative thursday: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=41042757

  • Vicky Says:

    Hey! Love your site – as always! I’ve been a reader forever.

    But I need to point out that the greatglam.com ad just above this entry is boobylicous… and way off the mark for the taste level of this site. It gets my stink eye. ha! Anyway, I just wanted to point it out, although I’m sure you knew it was there already. I’m not even sure why I wrote this. :)