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Feb 23 2010

Mom 2.Oh!

This is me all dressed up for the Mad Men party at Mom 2.0. I’m wearing my hair like this from now on.

I’ve been a little silent because I came home with a nasty cold, but I’ll have photos up soon and a collection of a few of my favorite moments from the weekend.

25 Responses to “Mom 2.Oh!”

  • eskimojo Says:

    Ooooh, too much pashing on with Heather! ;)

  • Dave M Says:

    Uh, no. You must wear your hair down in big curls, ca. “Circumcision” Momversation. That is all.

  • Boston Mamas Says:

    Adored meeting you Maggie; hope we get a chance to chat further sometime in the not so distant future! -Christine

  • Miss Grace Says:

    We have similarish hair, so I’m dying to know how you actually achieved that look!

  • cartoongoddess Says:

    How did you get your hair like that? Glue? Styrofoam pads? It looks marvelous.

  • Christina Says:

    Wow, I definitely support always wearing your hair like that. Don’t you wish that dressing up was still the norm?

  • GirlsGoneChild Says:

    So pretty.

  • Emily Says:

    Just discovered your site thanks to Jyl over at Mom It Forward. Your hair is fabulous! Can’t wait to see more photos!

  • Jessica Says:

    Tutorial, pretty please? As a girl who look best in A-line dresses, I’d love to learn to do this.

  • Bachelor Girl Says:

    So hot! You look like a stewardess in 1962.

  • Janet Says:

    Yes, a tutorial would be amazing!

    You look incredibly gorgeous!

  • kelsey Says:

    SOO cute!

  • Cass Says:

    Oh my I love that hair so much!

  • Pinkie Bling Says:

    You SHOULD wear it like that all the time. Gorgeous!

  • Dottie Says:

    Lady, that hair style is smashing on you! That Mad Men party looked genius.

    And I can’t wait to read your Mom 2.0 Summit notes. I hope your panel went well. I’m sure it was just as inspirational and kick ass as your Alt one was!

  • Sarah Says:

    yes, please do share how you did your hair. it looks great!

  • smallstatic Says:

    You ROCK this look!

  • Sarah Says:

    As a fellow redhead, I can never wear navy. Please tell us how you did so without looking like the corpse of a depressed legal assistant.

  • misstraceynolan Says:

    Hot Mrs. Mason. Hot.

  • Michelle Says:

    Was there a Bump-It involved in the making of that hairdo?

  • traceyclark Says:

    love that shot! myriam and i came home sick too. bummer. can’t wait to upload my pix from the exhibit. what a fab night- what a grand weekend! love to you. feel better. xo t

  • Design Mom Says:

    It’s no fun imagining Maggie-with-never-ending-energy down with a cold. Please feel better soon.

  • amy Says:


  • lucy Says:

    wow! that style is really pretty on you! i love it.

  • Donnie Litzsinger Says:

    sooo fake, Donnie Litzsinger