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Jan 25 2010

Bon Appétit and Me


Bon Appétit just published an interview with me on their site, A Mighty Girl’s Quest to Taste 1,000 Kinds of Fruit. Isn’t that cool? I think so too. Go have a look.

14 Responses to “Bon Appétit and Me”

  • Lindsay C. Says:

    Wow fantastic words! I must be hormonal because I got misty reading the part about getting started and seeing what wondrous things happen along the way.

    By the way, I added “Hit Megabucks” to the top of my list, so that I can fund the rest (eat guinea pig in Lima, for instance)!

  • Meg Says:

    Yay Maggie!

    I’m greedy, I want more big long Maggie essays like this. I kind of want to crack open your skull and see what’s going on in there (as it tends to provide helpful pointers as to things I might like to think about, and ways I might like to think about them), and I don’t get enough chances, damn it.

    Not that I don’t like peering into closets. I DO like peering into closets. But my first choice is peering into your brain.

  • amy Says:

    that’s pretty flipping awesome lady, congrats!

  • Bether Says:

    About the butterscotch: Smitten Kitchen has an easy butterscotch recipe, so you could at least get started with it. It’s the first hit if you search her site for butterscotch.

  • Michelle Says:

    Yay Maggie! This goals is one of my faves of yours.

    Bon Appetit is one of my favorite food mags, and now someone I “know” has been featured under its masthead!

  • Nichole Says:

    How neat! I’m off to have a look.

  • Bachelor Girl Says:

    Congrats, Maggie! I’m kind of impressed by your Quest to Taste 1,000 Kinds of Fruit, too!

  • Elisabeth Says:

    Maggie Mason, I just love you. You’ve sincerely changed the way I think about what I want to happen in my life. Thank you.

  • Maura Says:

    AWESOME! Thanks for inspiring us all! You should make a book of all the fruits when you’re done. How do you even find that many?!

  • misstraceynolan Says:

    I’m so glad Bon App├ętit is still around and that they decided to profile you!

  • Emily Fleischaker Says:

    Thanks for the great interview Maggie! We loved hearing more about your Mighty List. I’ll be doing some mangosteen hunting in Chinatown soon. -Emily, BA Web Editor

  • Karen from Chookooloonks Says:

    Wow, Maggie, congratulations!

  • Picklepetunia Says:

    Cool Beyond Words !!!

  • Kristin Says:

    Have you heard about this new show on MTV called “The Buried Life”. It’s just like the Mighty List, and so inspiring. Check it out.