Mighty Life List
Jan 21 2010

Hello, Salt Lake City

Sorry for the site weirdness over the last couple of days. We were changing servers, and it went less smoothly than I had hoped. Thanks for hanging in there with me. While my site was doing backflips, I was on my way to speak at Alt:


The plane landed yesterday without crashing, which was heartening, and I finally got to meet Miss Marlo.


Heather makes good babies.

5 Responses to “Hello, Salt Lake City”

  • Lisa Bickmore Says:

    Welcome! We had some snow and rain to clean the air for you.

  • Megan Says:

    YAY! Glad that Mightygirl is back to normal.
    I concur about Dooce’s kiddos. The dogs are a lost cause though.

  • LPC Says:

    One of those babies that make me bite my cheek out of cuteness.

  • Bachelor Girl Says:

    You guys have fun at the Alt Summit! We want lots of photos!

  • Christine Says:

    Oooh — look at that chubby baby hand!