Mighty Life List
Jan 15 2010

Hooray for you! Your Mighty Lists, Part 3

If you’re working on a Mighty List, please send it my way: maggie at mightygirl dot com. If you haven’t started your list yet, here’s another set to inspire you (more ideas here and here). Cribbing encouraged:


Positively Anna is going to:

“Throw out any socks and underwear that I would be embarrassed about wearing if I got hit by a car and had to go to the hospital.”

Robyn of A Devine Life is going to:

“Donate 10,000 hand-knit items to charities.”

Anna Bell of Wanty is going to:

“Sew a dress that I am really proud to wear.”

Jodi Michelle of I Tell Stories is going to:

“Take a month long road trip with no destination.”

Tell A Girl is going to:

“Go to disco in Ibiza.”


Aisha of Slices of My Life is going to:

“Learn to play a song on my guitar.”

Thrifty Chick is going to:

“Pick my own flowers for my table.”

Kelli of Working Title is going to:

“See Frank Lloyd Wright’s home(s).”

Sara of I Like to Cook is going to:

“Place flowers at the memorial statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn in Austin, Texas.”

Nadarine is going to:

“Attend a real masquerade.”


Grania of Black Oak’s Daughter is going to:

“Oktoberfest, in Munich”

Amber of The Amber Show is going to:

“Gallop a horse.”

Jen of Feast of Life is going to:

“Fly to Paris for my birthday.”

Jennifer of The Good Life with Jen is going to:

“Get to the top of a lighthouse.”

Emily Grace of LIFE: The Journey, Not The Destination is going to:

“Be brave and eat French food without wondering what part of the animal it is.”


MeL of Stay at Aum Mom is going to:

“Go to an old-fashioned clambake on the beach.”

Liza of Crackle_Loud is going to:

“Buy a sundress.”

Laura is going to:

“Stand in the middle of the marketplace in Marrakesh.”

Vanessa of Yes It Is Necessary is going to:

“Restore my great-grandfathers 1959 Chevy Biscayne.”

Widdershins is going to:

“See Ayers Rock at sunrise.”

Nichole of Butterscotch Sunday is going to:

“Spend a night on a train.”

Jazzellis of Tea Cups and Superheros is going to:

“Grow a garden full of things we can eat.”

Lisa Ortale is going to:

“Own a piano and play it well.”

Nothing Witty is going to:

“Make her own vanilla extract!”

Splinters is going to:

“Make 5 different cheeses at home.”

23 Responses to “Hooray for you! Your Mighty Lists, Part 3”

  • Kat Says:

    I have since added a lot of things to my list. You can see it here!

  • theambershow Says:

    Fun, I’m excited to make an appearance! (Now I have to get over my fear of getting on horses.)

  • Jamie Says:

    mine is here.

  • kristen Says:

    To jazzellis: I’m currently growing a garden full of things I can eat. It pretty much rocks the house. I highly recommend.

  • torrie Says:

    After 6 1/2 years, I shut down my old blog, and just launched a new blog- http://shiftinglife.com My first post included a link to my Life List, inspired by you. ;)

  • TBW Says:

    So inspiring, makes the whole world open anew :). (Just a little side-whisper: it’s Uluru, not Ayer’s Rock anymore. The Aboriginal name has been restored which is of huge cultural significance :)).

  • denise Says:

    i have been to the top of a lighthouse (pt. arena in mendocino 115 narrow winding stairs – legs were rubbery but the view was awe inspiring), taken a road trip with no destination and stood in the middle of the market in marrakesh and they are all totally worthy endeavors. go for it!

  • denise Says:

    have also galloped and jumped a horse – one of the most joyful experiences ever, been to paris and have learned to be adventurous with food. maybe i should create a reverse life list and give myself credit for the things i have already done.

  • margosita Says:

    That last photo of the tracks is really lovely! And the goals, those are lovely, too.

  • Who was Mentioned on MightGirl.com?? | lisa ortale Says:

    […] it out, Maggie mentioned me in one of her life list posts. Now I really need to make sure I get that piano, and play it well […]

  • Rachel H Says:

    To Nichole, spending a night on a train is one of the best things ever. You wake up and you’re in a different city (or country).

  • Elsewhere and links and ideas « i tell stories Says:

    […] bla. Ok. So. I don’t think this actually counts but it makes my heart beat faster … Mighty Girl linked to my Life List in a post of a plethora of links to other blogger’s and their lists. […]

  • Sadie at heymamas Says:

    I love this post and I am inspired by everyone to come up with my own life list that involves just me and fulfilling some of my dreams.

    Sadie at heymamas

  • Bachelor Girl Says:

    How does it feel to be such an inspiration to so many other people?!

  • Funkidivagirl Says:

    Swim with dolphins.

  • Around the Internets at The Amber Show Says:

    […] posted a third batch of people who are doing Life Lists, including me.  I went and read every single list of everyone […]

  • Suzanne Says:

    Top of the list for 20 years has been: “Go to Costa Rica.” And… I leave Wednesday for TWO WEEKS! eee!!!

  • Megan Says:

    Going to finally find outfits for all those shoes that I buy but never wear, see a burlesque show in Paris, and pet a tiger…but not all in one day.


  • trixie Says:

    The Mighty for this week? Tap Club! Four friends, six weeks, one community center teacher, a delicious pair of Mary Janes. I can’t wait to sport leg warmers and windmill those winter blues away… :)

  • Chelsea Says:

    I’m working on 43 things to do before I die, but here’s what I’ve got so far! I just turned twenty, so hopefully I’ve got a lot of life in me :)

    I want to:

    – Be able to do one card trick, tell two jokes and recite three poems in case I’m ever stuck in an elevator.

    – Learn how to drink espresso like the Italians.

    – Learn how to play the ukulele and banjo

    – Attend SXSW

    – Create an old fashioned slideshow of my life

    Granted, these are all apart from graduating UCLA and paying off my student loans…yikes!

  • Luna Says:

    Here is my list: http://www.cheeksgalore.blogspot.com
    Thanks so much for reminding me to dream big!
    I am a big fan fo your blog, and wish you tons of continued joy knockin’ off the things on your list!

  • TBW Says:

    Forgot to say, too, that Widdershins will only have another 5 (or is it 3?) years to climb Uluru: the Aboriginal people have won a decree to have it closed as a tourist spot & respected as a sacred site.

  • Liz Says:

    I’ve been following the Mighty List project since it started and I hadn’t gotten around to writing out the list. It was a blast making it up. I’ll probably add more to it later after I read even more lists. Anyway, here it is: