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Jan 12 2010

Elsewhere: Mighty Goods

cozy up guide

The Cozy Up Guide

Winter! The one season where you have absolutely zero guilt about snuggling in with a good book for 17 hours or so. When there’s a blizzard outside, you can be absolutely sure that no one in town is having more fun than you and your dominoes.

5 Responses to “Elsewhere: Mighty Goods”

  • Bachelor Girl Says:

    …and this is why I love me a blizzard.

    Too bad they never happen in Louisiana. Sigh.

  • TheGoriWife Says:

    When I click the link, I only see 5 of the 13 products listed? Incomplete list or perhaps my own error, but I thought you might like to know.

  • Kristen Says:

    Me too – only 5 items are visible to me!

  • dgm Says:

    Winter? It’s 71 degrees outside.

  • littlemissellie Says:

    Would you consider doing a gift guide from UK shops?