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Jan 11 2010

Mighty Closet: Rachel Brune, Outfit No. 5


OK, pretend a foreign dignitary is sitting on the stove and Rachel is listening raptly. Doesn’t this cocktail dress highlight her intellect and sophistication? Also, her bum? Agreed.

The outfit is actually two pieces. One is an incredible vintage dress I gave Rae a while ago, after carrying it around for years hoping to meet someone small enough to wear it. (I was reselling vintage clothes when I acquired it. I’ve since stopped buying thrift-store dresses for friends I don’t know yet. For the most part.)

Unfortunately, the dress is tailored to fit a ’50s-era bullet bra. That means there are two unnatural points where one’s (presumably enormous) nipples would be. Rae planned to have it tailored, but she recently bought this little jacket, so now she may not have to bother.


The feather earrings are from Forever21. Rae is smart about mixing more current accessories with vintage pieces so her outfits don’t read as costumes.


Speaking of which, her blue pumps are by Nine West.


Here’s a closer shot of the little black jacket, purchased at Backspace. It’s by a local San Francisco designer, but Rachel cut the tag out because the jacket is transparent. If you know the designer, tell us in comments and I’ll update.

And that’s it! I loved this one. Rae, thanks so much for letting us peek at your wardrobe. Let’s celebrate.


You, Ms. Brune, are a sucker for fun.

16 Responses to “Mighty Closet: Rachel Brune, Outfit No. 5”

  • Megan Says:

    Get out! Get out! This one’s too much. I love it.

  • Alison of a Gun Says:

    I love this girl. I want her to be my friend. I also want bullet bras to come on back! I got into that discussion at ye olde bra shoppe and they laughed at me, but I don’t want big round globes on my chest, I want torpedoes!

  • Maureen Says:

    The outfit is terrific, and looks grogeous on her wee figure. The jacket really makes it. For years Nine West & Bandolino shoes littered my bedroom floor. Such great shoes. Nicely done!

  • Lindz Says:

    I’ve loved each and every one of these posts and have been left very inspired. I want to shop!

  • Rebecca Says:

    One of my favorite Might Closets yet! Nice work, ladies. Especially love the fact that you pointed out that she mixes modern accessories with vintage clothes so as to not look like she’s wearing a costume. I have been guilty of this (i.e. pearls with ’50s style I Love Lucy dress). Thanks for the reminder! Love love love this part of your site.

  • Julia Says:

    Love the shoes – I have the same ones, but in Fuschia and I have only worn them once. I’m waiting for the perfect vintage dress to pair them with.

  • Jet Harrington Says:

    What fun! The mighty closets are a riot – yours, all your lovely girlfriends, too – each so different and stylish.

    I like that you even changed the lighting here for the cocktail post, from the white daylight of #4. Might not have been intentional, with your attention to detail, I bet it was. Well done.

  • smallstatic Says:

    oh man. total. perfection.

  • Bonnie Says:

    Just an excellent cocktail ensemble. Perfect.

    Really good point about the modern accessories with vintage dresses. I am good at vintage accessories with current clothing, but I often don’t get the pitch right when it’s the other way around.

    That sweet little jacket just makes it. Or the haircut? Gah, just everything.

  • mp Says:

    oh. gracious.
    outfits like this make me want to dress up for cocktail hour every. single. day.

  • doahleigh Says:

    Could her waist be any tinier? She looks fabulous! And tiny.

  • Calamity Jill Says:

    Dude, you’re hogging all the gorgeous, stylish women. Leave some for us.

  • amy Says:

    @ calamity jill: hahaha! word!
    maggie! you did not warn us it would get. even. better! she is too fabulous!

  • Cassie Boorn Says:

    This outfit is exquisite.

  • leandra Says:

    I love long earrings with short hair… almost makes me want to cut mine off again!

  • tallglassofvino Says:

    I’m adding a note about RB’s Outfit #2, but comments were closed… The reversible necklace: it’s by a local artist!! Yes, it was purchased at the MoMA, and he has an etsy shop, but it’s by Mark Poulin in Oakland. He’s a charming fella, and very self-effacing. You can chat with him about his art at the Fillmore Street Fair every July, and probably a few other fairs, too. I own a lot of his abstract pieces, and give bunches as gifts – the double-sidedness means double the joy!