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Jan 5 2010

Mighty Closet: Rachel Brune, Outfit No. 2


This is Rachel pretending to wait for a bus in her own apartment. She’s sporting her Very Responsible Outfit for days when clients visit the office. Her grass green wool cardigan is from the Alameda Flea Market, which Rachel says is a great place to shop for sweaters worn by tiny elderly ladies. Her shoes are “Anitas” by ReMix, a company that does vintage reproductions, and also the new place I will be acquiring all my shoes.


The reversible necklace from the SF MoMA Museum Store was a gift from Rae’s boyfriend. He has pretty good taste himself, and also happens to be a former national yo-yo champion. Rae knows how to pick a winner.


The wristlet purse was a gift from me. (Rachel is clearly using this as an opportunity to suck up to loved ones. Well played, Brune.) It’s hand painted by an Argentine artist who reworks vintage leather purses.


It fastens with a snap, but the big outside button is a decoy.


The pretty ruffled yellow shirt is from Banana Republic. Rae used to get an amazing discount when she worked for Gap corporate, and I still mourn the annual Friends and Family sale flyers.


This belt is from Goodwill too. Good one.


As you can see, Rachel is already looking ahead to tomorrow’s work outfit. We’ll meet her there.

*Update– Her pants are Gap, her hair is asymmetrical, her shoes do have heels. (You can click through on the shoe link to see them in all their splendor.)

30 Responses to “Mighty Closet: Rachel Brune, Outfit No. 2”

  • stefanie Says:

    the yellow stool! i had that! it sat in my kitchen for my entire childhood. almost every haircut i’ve ever had took place in that chair. that particular shade of yellow still makes me feel very comforted. i went away for the weekend my senior year of high school and while i was gone my mom donated it to goodwill.
    and i don’t know why i’m telling you all this except i love that yellow stool and it made me so happy to see it again.
    the end.

  • Maggeh Says:

    Stefanie, the yellow stool seems to typically garner that type of reaction. We had one when I was a kid too, and I’d love to have it again.

  • Megan Says:

    The purse!

    The shoes!

  • Sarah Brown Says:

    Wait, did I miss where she got the pants? They’re the perfect shade of gray.

  • liz Says:

    I have a couple of pairs of remix’s! Love them!

  • Cynthia Says:

    love the grey/yellow combo… are the grey pants BR too?

  • Emily Says:

    I have a pendant by the same artist (and my boyfriend got it for me!) The artist has an etsy shop too –


  • laziza Says:

    man, she is a cool-looking chick. rachel’s is by far my favorite “closet” so far.

  • Leah Says:

    Lovely! My favorite part is her hair. I just got sidesweepy bangs (I know, so late to the party). They’re adorable, and they make my hairstyle much more grown-up-in-a-non-soccer-mom way. But I too have issues with the little wispy bits in the middle that don’t want to behave. So I’m happy to see someone else with excellent hair who just works with the out-of-place bits.

  • alphafemme Says:

    she is my FAVORITE so far and by far! love it love it love it. subtle, cute, and perfectly put together.

  • Bachelor Girl Says:

    So cute! That handbag is a winner.

  • Meegan Says:

    I love her wardrobe, her hair…and that purse! Fab. Everything looks cuter on pixies, though. So that’s just no fair!

  • Meagan Says:

    I am in love with Rachel’s wardrobe! Really makes me wish I was petite so I can pull some of those looks off. I have the opposite build, tall and hourglass-shaped. I love how you’ve featured many different sizes of women in The Mighty Closet. All of the ladies look fabulous in their own right (and clothes)!

  • Heather B. Says:

    Those shoes are a) to die for and b) Remix has shoes in a size 11. That noise you hear is a choir of angels.

  • Alison Says:

    Cool belt!

  • Veronica Says:

    I love everything about her outfit! Is purse from when you traveled to Argentina? It is fabulous.

  • Ris Says:

    I LOVE the sweater! Finally someone with shoulders as narrow as mine. I shall go to the Alameda flea market and look for tiny old lady sweaters posthaste.

  • supa Says:

    This is possibly my favorite Mighty Closet ever, in the history of ever.

  • hand tooled « A Browner Brown Says:

    […] found via Mighty Girl […]

  • Laurie Says:

    Is it just me or does that purse look like a bikini top?

  • tara Says:

    i love the unexpected color combo. and the necklace. yo-yo champ, for reals? this was an especially good one. i think you had me at the faux bus stop.

  • smallstatic Says:

    agh – LOVE this! great play of color with gray basics. will be taking cues from this asap (as i sit here in my usual boring black suit).

  • Claire B Says:

    She is very chic! You have great friends. Where are the pants from? And do the shoes have heels? Inquiring minds need to know!

  • Jessica Says:

    I love this woman.

  • joyous Says:

    Seriously, ReMix carries size 11?!?!?! I’m crying from happiness. And ordering a pair of Balboas.

  • jennifer in sf Says:

    I just found the shoes I’ve been looking for for months on Re-Mix. I may have then died and gone to heaven.

    Thank you Maggie and Rachel!!

  • JoAnn Egan Neil Says:

    I want, for just one day, to be put together like Rachel. Even just the hair. I’m going to throw away my Fantastic Sam’s frequent flier card and get a real cut. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • mom& dad Says:

    Rachel I always told you that you could be a model and dad agrees. You always had a great eye for fashion!
    love your closet. mom

  • Grand Rapids Nightclub DJ Says:

    I really think this is going to bigger than it is now, could be wrong though!

  • larochelle Says:

    I’d be happy to add Rachel/Rae to my Friends & Family discount card distribution list. After 12 years of getting coupons, my friends & family don’t go crazy like they used to do, so now I usually have a few extra to hand out. Although now that the F&F discount is available for Athleta too, its becoming more popular.

    Just send me an email with your info.