Mighty Life List
Jan 30 2010

Fun Thing: Sledding




Jan 29 2010

Momversation: What’s the Rush?


I love to do videos with Rebecca, she’s so baffled by people’s craziness.

Jan 28 2010

Alt Style: Jen


This is Jen Lover. When she introduced herself, I kept thinking she calling me lover. Like, “My name is Jen, lover.” And I was like, “Huh. I’m Maggie… sexy.” I had to read her business card before we got everything sorted out. Anyway, orange dress!


And this is Jen’s inspiring charm bracelet, which has a charm for every state she’s visited. Jen, I am ripping this idea right off. So genius.

Jan 28 2010

Alt Style: Janel


This is the very bright, capable Janel Laban of Apartment Therapy and her enviable haircut. (Hi, Janel! You cutie.)


She says she tells her stylist to aim for “cheap wig.” I couldn’t get my hair to do this if I had a ceramic straight iron and a pact with the Devil, and so it’s all I’ve ever wanted my hair to do.


Janel’s super functional bag is by Highway, which seems to specialize in that sort of thing.


Also, this hat! Janel says her dog freaks out whenever she wears it because it looks like a little animal attacking her head.

Jan 28 2010

Alt Style: Anne


This is Anne Sage of The City Sage, who was married very recently. Though many of us have coveted the over-knee boot, who actually purchases a pair and works them into her wardrobe? Anne does.




In conclusion, yes to elbow patches.

Jan 27 2010

Alt Style: Shayna


I took some photos of the cute outfits while I was at ALT. This is the very charming Shayna Roosevelt of Room Creative. She has one of those smiles that starts with her eyes.



Jan 27 2010

Maternity Wardrobe Options


I’ve had lots of requests for a maternity Mighty Closet, but no willing pregnant friends so far. Fortunately Gabrielle Blair, one of the Alt Summit organizers, just posted her five favorite maternity outfits on Design Mom, so she did the work for me. Have a look at Gabby’s closet, and if you’re looking for more inspiration, head over to the Wardrobe Remix maternity pool.