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Dec 22 2009

Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart Update


Sorry for the relative silence over the last few days, I’ve been Christmas-ing. A bunch of you had questions about Margaret’s hat and necklace, so I went digging and found some better photos I had misplaced. Margaret’s killer fedora is from Target (there are a lot of similar ones under that link, so head over if you want one).


And here’s a close-up of Margaret’s handmade necklace. A bunch of you had questions about how it was made. It’s a bib of fabric with stacked circles of fabric sewn on top. Each concentric circle has a stitch or two in the middle to attach. The material is floppy, probably poly or a poly-cotton blend, so it lays more like a collar than a felted necklace would. If you make one, send me your how-tos and photos and I’ll post a tutorial or a link to yours.

Look for Margaret’s last two outfits later today. Hooray!

3 Responses to “Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart Update”

  • abbersnail Says:

    That necklace just became my Christmas Craft Project! Thank you for sharing!

  • Kate Says:

    Hooray indeed! I love, love, love Mighty Closet. Never fails to inspire.

  • Lise Says:

    I’d love to make that necklace. I can’t tell from the photo – are the edges are finished in some way?