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Dec 15 2009

1,000 Lovely Things: Paper Snowflakes


I decided I wanted to fill our windows with wax paper snowflakes, so I asked Libby and Kelly to help me cut them out. We met for a winter night of chili, champagne, and snowflake cutting — which is so much easier when you’re not using safety scissors.


So much fun.

19 Responses to “1,000 Lovely Things: Paper Snowflakes”

  • Jill P Says:

    My aunt fills her windows with paper snowflakes every year. She made a digital story about the family tradition on YouTube – check it out (a little long but hey)


  • anna Says:

    did this last night with the husband while drinking wine and watching The Sopranos. :)

  • Nicole Says:

    me and my mom did this one year, too. Except I used an exacto knife . . . on our old oak coffee table . . . shhhhh . . . .

  • Mimi Says:

    I did that the other night with a friend and my kids. We use these beautiful patterns every year:


  • Rebecca Says:

    I love making snowflakes! Here’s an old post of mine on how to make 3-D snowflakes (in pictures) –


    It’s pretty easy, and very therapeutic to do with friends as you mention! :)

  • jill Says:

    I heart you! What fun you have and such a great night with friends…

  • Bachelor Girl Says:


  • tasha Says:

    Your post made me run into the kitchen and grab some scissors! I have now produced one, perfect, lovely wax-paper snowflake. Many more to come!

    Thanks for the inspiration Maggie. (even though I should be working right now!)

  • Ashley, The Accidental Olympian Says:

    Oh that looks so great! I am going to rip off this idea and paper the windows of my dinning room next Christmas.

  • Long Story Longer Says:

    Just beautiful!

  • A Mouse Says:

    Hey Mimi (and Maggie too),
    The woman on that website you linked was my step-Grandmother. As soon as a saw Maggie’s post I thought of Kay. Every year the family accumulated more snowflakes for the tree. It is a tradition that I continue… although I have not been able to find them wherever they are hiding the basement.
    A Mouse

  • vanessa Says:

    I’m sure the answer can be start with a “duh”, but how did you stick them to the window?

  • Megan Says:

    Maggie Mason. What is it you don’t do?

  • Catie Says:

    @vanessa – don’t feel bad. I was thinking the exact same thing but was afraid to ask. :)

  • Maggeh Says:

    @vanessa I stuck them to the window with little pieces of scotch tape. They look a lot like the wax paper.

    @A Mouse, how funny! Small Web.

  • jenn Says:

    a very lovely thing indeed! i am totally going to talk the ladies into making these Saturday night during out “girl’s night” sleep over. so fun!

  • Becky Says:

    Paper snowflakes are the best. I can’t wait to try this with wax paper!

    Martha taught me how to make the illusive six-pointed snowflake…
    I love the way these turn out.

  • Kelly Says:

    I think I flunked the snowflake cutting part of the evening, but not the chili-eating or champagne-drinking parts. Yes, so much fun.

  • Emily - TheMotherhood Says:

    These are wonderful!!! Seeing your beautiful photos reminded me of when I was little and used to cut out snowflakes with my brothers. I had completely forgotten. We’re going to create snowflake window art in our house this year – thank you!!