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Nov 24 2009

Momversation: Thanksgiving

The only responsibility I have on Thanksgiving is eating too much. In fact, I spent one of my favorite Thanksgivings at an Indian food restaurant. Compared to my Christmas to do list, my Thanksgiving list is positively zen:

Was I gluttonous? Check.
Did I have to unbutton my pants to sit comfortably? Check.

That’s a successful Thanksgiving.


4 Responses to “Momversation: Thanksgiving”

  • Nicole Says:

    I love you crazy bunch o’ momversaters. I would like to peer into each of your holidays . . . the LA version, the SF friends version, the Loesch traditional, and of course the Utah version. Insanity, bohemian, fashionable, conservative. God bless America and pass the gravy.

  • Leslie Says:

    YES! Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE meal of the year. That is the reason that I invented Thanksgiving 2, which occurs at the end of March and is equally awesome. Pass it on :)

  • Kristin Says:

    My family is Armenian, and my grandfather a long time ago used that as an excuse to not have Turkey, because he didn’t like it. So our Thanksgiving tradition is Shish Kebob. Yum!

  • amy Says:

    My sister usually hosts it and if she is going elsewhere I hope we are invited somewhere else. If all else fails hubby does a yummy turkey and we host. I so much enjoy GOING somewhere for TG dinner ;)