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Nov 18 2009

Packing Light: Laura Mayes, Outfit 2


Laura called this vacation her “planes, trains, and automobiles trip” because every mode of transportation was involved — including boats — and all of us dragged our suitcases along. Laura usually packs by stuffing a massive suitcase with anything at hand and then crossing her fingers. But with so many location changes she knew the steamer trunk would grow tiresome, so she made it a goal not to check her bag.


Packing light for Greece was a particular challenge because she had a few days of business meetings in New York tacked on the end. I unfortunately didn’t get shots of her NYC outfits, but she managed to fit everything into a carryon by heeding my advice to pack all dresses and items that can do double duty. This is Laura’s swimsuit coverup, which doubles as a dress for daywear.


Update: Laura said in comments, “Also, the dress/cover up was purchased from a street vendor in Cozumel. For about $4. I know. I hate my own guts.”

Tomorrow, one dress done two different ways.

10 Responses to “Packing Light: Laura Mayes, Outfit 2”

  • Bachelor Girl Says:

    Gorgeous dress!

  • robyn Says:

    love it love it. LOVE IT. but i wouldn’t ever be able to wear it – i’d feel too self-conscious without a bra on.

  • Design Mom Says:

    Laura Mayes is total hottie. And I’m jealous of her shoe collection.

  • Kevin Says:

    I love the “packing lightly” series, but can the guys get some love some time? I notoriously over-pack and have to always end up checking a bag.

  • echo Says:

    I love the packing light series, I totally embrace the philosophy in my own life. Any chance there is a link to the dress or a similar one? I want one for myself!

  • Jessica Says:

    Beautiful dress.

  • Laura Says:

    Hi! Laura here. This is so fun!

    Truth: Maggie’s packing list changed my travel life. And I’m not even kidding. In a span of 10 days we traveled on 7 planes, 3 trains, 2 ferries, 1 catamaran, a bike, 2 rental cars and approximately 20 cabs. Oh, and on two feet. A lot. It was absolutely liberating to have a light, small bag. And I’m still amazed that’s all I needed. Plus, I felt like a total bad ass that I never had to check a bag. Hear me roar!

    Also, the dress/cover up was purchased from a street vendor in Cozumel. For about $4. I know. I hate my own guts.

  • FeastAfterFamine Says:

    I’ve always longed for a smaller chest so that I could have the freedom to wear such gorgeous, backless numbers. Please, tell me if you actually went braless or if you’ve discovered an undergarment that we well-endowed women need to know about. I would LOVE to wear something like this.

  • Laura Says:

    FeastAfterFamine, I totally went braless. Sorry. No tips. I think it’s a Greece thing.

  • FeastAfterFamine Says:

    Ah! Good for you! I just couldn’t do it. Just one more reason to get the reduction… You look beautiful, by the way.