Mighty Life List
Nov 10 2009

Salt House Collateral

Salt House is one of our favorite places to celebrate in the city. We like to sit upstairs, order cocktails and a shellfish platter to share, and watch everyone talking down below. Their design details are charming.

Hand-stamped coasters cut from corrugated cardboard.

Vintage playing cards used as coat-check numbers.

Seafood shipping tags as business cards.

I love it when businesses find clever ways to distinguish themselves without impacting the bottom line adversely. Smart.

7 Responses to “Salt House Collateral”

  • Judith Says:

    Also, when you go get delicious homemade pastries + Ritual coffee in the morning, they will wrap your scone in brown paper and twine.

  • Renee Says:

    This is how brands become legends. I love, love, love it when you come across a place that does the littlest and most memorable things.

  • Kaizen Says:

    These are fantastic. Some ingenious work from the creative team, or possibly one glass of wine too many! But these designs are great.

  • Prudence Octavia Says:

    It looks fabulous. I love those sort of design details: they are the sort of thing you remember for ever

  • Malia Says:

    You’ve gotta love a restaurant that can roll with the punches (read the bad press – pure awesome in internet form).

  • Nicole Says:

    I assume you were celebrating the launch of TypeKit? Congratulations, Masons!

  • Ms. Karen Says:


    Makes me laugh. I know, it’s probably NOT supposed to do that, but it does. Because I’m immature and unsophisticated, that’s why.

    Love the details and the vintage playing cards? Swoon!