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Nov 2 2009

Make 1,000 Lovely Things: Fishy and Jellyfish Costume


Behold! The cutest little fishy on the face of the planet.


And his little fish bum too! Oh. My. Goodness. The glue-gun burns were a small price to pay.


Bryan was a sea captain.


And I was a jellyfish. I made my hat from a lampshade.


The joy buzzer was the best part of my costume.


The whole costume only cost me like $11. Before going out for the night I added tentacles and a sweater. Surprisingly, there were tons of jellyfish on the street, the best one being a girl who had affixed blacklights to the underside of a white umbrella. I practically genuflected in the street. Happy Halloween!

29 Responses to “Make 1,000 Lovely Things: Fishy and Jellyfish Costume”

  • Cindy Says:

    This is awesome!

  • Annabelle Says:

    You are lovely. I genuflect in your presence! (Tons of jellyfish? really?)

  • Debbie Says:

    If I ever get dressed up for halloween again, can I steal your idea (with full credit to That Cool Girl Maggie Whose Blog I Read, Here, Let Me Give You The URL)? I absolutely LOVE it!

    PS: The costume you made for your boy makes me want to have kids AND to make stuff for them for halloween. No small feat!

  • Melinda Says:

    I love the little fish and jellyfish costumes. Great homemade charm!

  • Katie Says:

    These are probably the best family costumes I’ve ever seen – so fantastic!

  • Chookooloonks Says:

    We totally need to get your hank and my Alex together:


    Glad you had a great Halloween!


  • theambershow Says:

    There were tons of jellyfish in Brooklyn, too. I have no idea why! The buzzer is an excellent idea.

  • SFDC Says:

    Adorable! I hope you do a how-to on the goldfish costume.

  • Nancy Says:

    I think there was a Real Simple magazine bit this fall suggesting an umbrella jellyfish as a straight forward costume idea- might explain the numbers? Love your umbrella-less version though.

  • Meg B Says:

    Love those!

  • Vee Says:

    Adorable goldfish! Hurray for a costume with a hat he would wear! Or is it out of the no-hat phase? I’m guessing it’s either that or the chocobribery worked again.

  • Laura Says:

    Brilliant X 800,000.

  • Megan Says:

    Wonderful fish costume! I want to make one now too!

  • bethany actually Says:

    The fish and sea captain are both great, but that jellyfish costume ROCKS. The joy buzzer is genius!

  • beyond Says:

    love all three of them!

  • LPC Says:

    Begrudgingly I bow with the masses.

  • Jasie VanGesen Says:

    This is so clever! If I steal this idea next year can I pretend that I was clever and came up with it myself? Please?

  • jerilyn Says:

    So cute, so clever! I’ve added your site to my blogroll because you always have such good content- Love that you cover so many topics, not just one thing!

  • Meredith Says:

    You are, as always, my hero!

  • Katie Says:

    Precious! You are an inspiration!

  • Leah Says:

    Martha Stewart listed jellyfish as one of her easy no-sew costumes. I think Maggie’s is cuter than hers. I do love the idea.

    Hank’s costume, btw, made my ovaries twitch. So cute! I love the back view. It make me happy that people still make Halloween costumes instead of buying them.

  • wheezer345 Says:

    Love the costumes!!!!

  • Sarah Says:

    You’re the most elegant jellyfish I’ve ever seen!

  • GirlsGoneChild Says:

    OH MY GOSH, Maggie! Your costumes are ADORABLE! The Jellyfish is such a gorgeous idea. And Hank looks out-of-this-world adorable. Jolly good!

  • Bachelor Girl Says:

    You’re a genius. Happy Halloween!

  • Lorenka - the culture of food and garden Says:

    […] Halloween’s over, but check out Maggy Mason’s nautical-inspired costumes for her family: Masons of the Sea […]

  • Lovely Monsters Says:

    Lands’ sakes, you have a lovely child. I have seen Victorian paintings of beautiful women with less glow about them than he has.

    Also? I think the picture of the fish caught by the fisherman is pretty much the best father-son image ever captured. I am not teary about it, though. At all.

  • Jenny @ www.motherlawyercrazywoman.blogspot.com Says:

    I am a little late to this (comment) party but just discovered your blog and want to say, I adore this costume. This is cuteness, defined.

  • chelsea Says:

    what a funny costume! How creative and fun!