Mighty Life List
Nov 30 2009

Your Mighty Life Lists

After an intense run at my Mighty Life List, I’ve been reading all of your dreams while I regroup. There are a lot of you who made lists, which I kind of knew, but it still shocks me for some reason. As it turns out, you can say, “Let’s make our lives awesome!” and the Internet will be like, “Oh, it’s on.”

I’ll round up everyone’s lists eventually, but for now here are links to a few of your lists and a taste of the genius you’re plotting:


Jennifer of Easter Kiwi is going to:
“Learn how to be a beekeeper and have a hive in our yard.”

Ali of Ali Awesome is going to:
“Be conversational in Maori, Spanish, Japanese, French and German.”

Mitali of Educated Tatya is going to:
“Meet Devdutt Pattnaik (mythologist) for coffee.”

Joelle of Fail Joles Fail is going to:
“See a total solar eclipse.”

(Photo from My Parents Were Awesome.)

Jill of Calamity Jill is going to:
“Send my parents on a much deserved vacation.”

Gwen Bell of Gwen Bell.com is going to:
“Speak in front of the UN.”

Heather of My Craftastic Creations is going to:
“Sleep in a castle.”

Jessica is going to:
“Make love in front of a roaring fire.”


Star of Living Deliberately is going to:
“See a giraffe run across the horizon in the wild.”

Bea of Just Mommies is going to:
“Walk the Tongariro Pass.”

Kathy is going to:
“Own a Chanel suit.”

Jenny Blake of Life After College is going to:
“Save enough money to take six months off work and travel.”


Rebecca of Out of Sight Designs wants to:
“Walk with the penguins in Antarctica.”

Kimberly of Long Story Longer is going to:
“Send a postcard to PostSecret.”

Annika of Through The Looking Glass is going to:
“Drive more than 100 miles per hour.”

Heather of No Pasa Nada wants to:
“Go snowshoeing in Alaska.”

Keri of Persistent Cookie wants to:
“Spend two weeks at a Tibetan Buddhist meditation retreat.”

Emily of Pretty Crabby is going to:
“Go on an African Safari.”


Maggie of Marge’s Evolution is going to:
“Visit Italy, stay in a villa, drink wine.”

Susan Wagner of Friday Play Date is going to:
“Go to Fashion Week.”

Queen of Birds is going to:
“Relax in hot springs in Iceland while the snow falls.”

Beth of The Queen’s Feast is going to:
“Raft or tube in an underground cave.”

Stacey of Sassafras Mama is going to:
“Have a front porch so incredible it could be on the cover of Country Living magazine.”

Spandrel Studios is going to:
“Fly over a volcano in a helicopter.”


Chris Jordan of Notes from The Trenches is going to:
“Take a mule ride down into the Grand Canyon with my kids, like the Brady Bunch.”

So what about you? Have you made your list yet? Please do. And then send it my way by emailing maggie at mighty girl dot com with the subject header Mighty Life List, because I would like to read it.

Nov 27 2009

Elsewhere: Top 5 Green Gadgets for the Holidays


I did a roundup of Eco-Gadgets for WePC.


Did you know there’s a gizmo you can attach to your washing machine that cleans your clothes without detergents or hot water? Me either, but now I want one. Go have a look.

Nov 25 2009



There’s this game in the California Academy of Sciences playroom. You dump a bunch of cloth leaves on the ground, and the kids rake them up. We were doing this (over and over) when I realized that Hank had no reference point for the game. My kid, who is almost three, has never seen anyone rake leaves before.

Also, he could get to his favorite toy store on a MUNI bus without supervision.

Nov 24 2009

Fun Thing


Hot cocoa with Jordan.

Nov 24 2009

Momversation: Thanksgiving

The only responsibility I have on Thanksgiving is eating too much. In fact, I spent one of my favorite Thanksgivings at an Indian food restaurant. Compared to my Christmas to do list, my Thanksgiving list is positively zen:

Was I gluttonous? Check.
Did I have to unbutton my pants to sit comfortably? Check.

That’s a successful Thanksgiving.


Nov 23 2009

Elsewhere: Mighty Goods


Revenge Fantasy Holiday Dresses

You know your ex will be there with the new girlfriend. The new girlfriend is disasterously smart, cute, and funny — all of which is making it impossible to hate her. But that doesn’t mean you can’t outdress her.

Nov 23 2009

Packing Light: Laura Mayes, Happy Dress

This post is all about me refraining from “pot of gold” jokes. I humbly request that you admire my restraint.


This is Laura’s beachwear. The rainbow dress is from Target, the shelf-bra tank is Banana Republic, and the flip flops are Rocket Dog.


I know you saw this headband coming — also from Target.


Is there a blogger left who doesn’t own one of Andrea’s Superhero necklaces? There should be a secret handshake. Obviously, Laura is wearing hers as a bracelet.


Her actual necklace features a Thoreau quote, “Live the life you have imagined.”


Laura’s glasses are from Urban Outfitters. I suspect Laura made an Urban Outfitters run before this trip. Fess up, Mayes.

And there you go. Pretty good for one little carryon, especially since we didn’t even touch on what she packed for New York. She probably just paired this with leggings and a scarf. Voila! Business casual.

Laura, thanks for your patience with my camera, and for your willingness to spit in the face of jetlag. You make things more fun.