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Oct 29 2009

Chewy Words; Broad Summit Winner

Wow. As it turns out Twitter contests totally work. Plus, I liked seeing your photos next to your posts. This way, if I ever see you at the grocery store wearing a Burger King crown or holding a flower in front of your face, I will recognize you instantly.

I wanted to collect a few of my favorite #lexicon responses here. But first things first. The winner is…


Is that you? Hooray for you! I’ve DMd you, but please comment if you have no idea how to use Twitter, because it seems like you may have set up an account just for this contest. As it turns out, that was worth it, no?

Now for the rest of you. Did you follow the #lexicon thread? It was good. I went to collect my favorite responses, but after about three hours of collecting, I decided enough was enough. So if you don’t see any of your responses here, it’s because I never cared for you.

Good Words

haberdasher, moxie, @talulattdh
troglodyte @kristenekelly
balderdash @aliceRTmiller
Jejeune! @superdumb
*unguent* – more serious than ointment with a good dose of urgent, but not as calm as balm @ChiefWrangler
‘faffing about’- british slang, messing around, wasting time.usually used as ‘stop faffing about and let’s go’. fun to say too. @sunguru24 (Ed note: Faffing sounds like an unpleasant sexual encounter. And that is how I will use it henceforth.)
Besmirched @allinblack
dulcet @alfieri
penury @CaleeL
Dodgy @gwentropy
akimbo and the phrase ‘on a lark.’ @Kikkiland
whirlygig @MomOfDavidIsaac
fabulist @whoamell
comeuppance @TeenSleuth
zaftig @TeenSleuth
Gumption @deepthoughts78
peckish, onomatopoeia @ALundgren
blast! @CBJbookoflists
Jiggerypokery @jill_y
“peeved,” for its ability to make an angry situation more lighthearted. @4thmonth
leviathan, dupe, caddywhompus @SassafrasMama
sluice, whorl @mriggen
expunge @sainmyownmind
compunction, shebang @thegastronome
foist @emilyluce
taciturn @missfinncrisp
knackered @okimusso
simonize @catibasmati
nebbish @jessicaroberts
bloviate @i_scrap
aces @kristense

Words I Had to Look Up

transmogrify @JastasticSF
crepuscular @lisalou2
Concatenation @margism
peradventure @clayahh
taradiddle @noisyoyster
prestidigitation @talulattdh
skulduggery @betherin
doolally tap @lizzielou68

Wait, Maybe I Should Include Definitions

lucubrate — to work, write, or study laboriously, esp. at night. @JessWalker9
cromulent — fine, acceptable @slnoonanj
dogsbody — a menial worker; drudge @aek1974
eleemosynary — of or pertaining to alms, charity, or charitable donations; charitable. @editrix
mulligrubs — ill temper; colic; grumpiness @editrix
esprit d’escalier — (staircase wit) thinking of a comeback when it’s too late @editrix
malkin — untidy woman @editrix
folderol — mere nonsense; foolish talk or ideas @megastore
uxorious — doting upon, foolishly fond of, or affectionately submissive toward one’s wife. @hannahmaec (ed note: I love this.)
perspicacious — having keen mental perception and understanding; discerning: to exhibit perspicacious judgment. @mirielmargaret
etiolated — 1. to cause (a plant) to whiten or grow pale by excluding light: to etiolate celery. 2. to cause to become weakened or sickly; drain of color or vigor.@bridgejr
sylvan — of, pertaining to, or inhabiting the woods. @sarahbrown
psithurism — A whispering sound @jenkinkn
lollop — 1. British Dialect. to loll; lounge. 2. to move forward with a bounding or leaping motion @bookgeekgirl
clamjamfry — mob, rabble, crowd @bachelorgirl
foofaraw — a great fuss over something insignificant @Victoria_Etc.
clapperclaw — to fight and scratch; to abuse with the tongue, scold @Victoria_Etc.
toodle-pip — humorous British goodbye @piehands
Petrichor — the smell of rain on dry earth. @dzandone (ed: So good)
pfui — Alternate spelling of phooey @katharsisjones
farrago — which is a confused mass of objects or people. Also known as “the Internet.” @sarawr
mizzle — rain in fine drops @amy_m_eller
syzygy — 1. Astronomy. an alignment of three celestial objects 2. any two related things, either alike or opposite. @chemmefatale
whinge — whine @doobleveh

Made Up Words, and Onomatopoeia

Sweaky (when you have a fever/ are sick and feel all sweaty and icky) @soukii
Wurrow (whir-row) – (v.) to luxuriate amidst fluffy blankets in bed (burrow/wallow) @suburbanal
ignoration, whorepaint @MsYuppieScum
bazinga @laurenbrown
Toebug. Toebug. Toebug. Man, I love that word… just wish there was a way to use it in an everyday sentence. @jenniferjune
Splooie @nowsexyrobot
kerflummoxed @peprallytoday
limerence– an involuntary cognitive + emotional state of intense romantic desire for another person @lmdupont
lasterday — any time before right now @carliches
kookamarook — crazy person @jlcs621
jackety — my nephew’s made up word for off-kilter, junky, or not-quite-right. As in- “My old car is really jackety.” @katiemfree
oobleck @deodand
Ugglesome @thejiffer (ed note: a kinder derivative of ugsome?)
explorganize — what toddlers are doing when they take things out of a container, inspect them, then put them back @krotondo
nelphric, which I dreamed, but sounds like it could be real @ptrae
flouncy – as in “I hung my clothes on the line to dry today, including my flouncies.” @gillh
woobly — a wonderful made up onomatopoeia for an upset tummy @sarahjlyons

Multiple Entries

Finally, many, many of you wish we’d use the following terms more often:

thank you

Speaking of which, thank you for playing. You are smart.

20 Responses to “Chewy Words; Broad Summit Winner”

  • Jasmin Says:

    this contest was aces. your readers are quite creative :)

    thank you for letting us play!

  • Fruitmaven Says:

    You never cared for me? So harsh.
    Fine, then when I start yelling *surprise* more often, I guess it won’t be directed at you.

  • sarawr Says:

    Squeeeee! Congratulations to @KASolomon! Also, “sylvan” is one of my favorite words, and I always forget about it.

  • Cortney Says:

    We inherited a word from a friend of a friend’s little brother that I just LOVE–Sternious. I believe this is a mash up of stern and strenuous, but we use it to describe any one or thing that is particularly intense and imposing. As in, “the climb up that mountain was sternious.” Or, “Dude, did you see his dad mowing the lawn in 108 degree weather in a sweatshirt? Neil is so sternious!”*

    *actual quote from said friend of friend, about friend’s dad, who really did mow the lawn, in summer, in Tennessee, in a sweatshirt. Sternious.

  • mfree Says:

    wowzas! I believe mightygirl readers could take down Will Shortz in a crossword challenge anyday!

  • slnoonanj Says:

    Just to clarify – cromulent is a made up word although apparently you can look it up nowadays. Comes from the Simpsons, used quite a bit now. It’s my favorite word to use when I’m looking for the fourth option on a multiple choice exam. You’d be AMAZED how many people pick that option – just sounds nice.

  • superblondgirl Says:

    I am proud to say that I use “akimbo” all the time. I yell it out randomly, actually. My brother started this weird trend. I use foist quite a bit, too. I think I’m just weird.

  • Bachelor Girl Says:

    Woohoo! I feel FAMOUS now!

  • chemmefatale Says:

    Thanks for the mention. I think I can die now.

  • Jaimie Says:

    I used to do editing work for a dictionary and I loved, loved, loved coming across strange and interesting words. Such as:

    – paneity (the state of being bread)
    – callipygous (having beautiful buttocks)

    But my favourite word, just for the sound of it, is “persnickety.”

  • Michelle Says:

    Defenestrate fans, unite!

  • Erin Says:

    Maybe I read too quickly, but did you say what @KASolomon’s winning word was?

  • sarah Says:

    defenestrate & lucubrate are my favorites on the list, and thank you Jaimie for mentioning my all time favorite callipygous. love love love that word.

  • MJ Says:

    I’m with Erin (#12) – I must have missed the winning word as well. Is it listed somewhere in your post?

  • Maggeh Says:

    MJ and Erin, as I mentioned in the post, I chose a winner at random from the replies. But, for the record, her words were:

    “blanch, earnest, and for fun: vigorous.”

  • Kristina Says:

    Wait – oobleck isn’t a real word?
    It’s sad that I actually use those words a lot in real life, so they didn’t even occur to me. I need to get out more.

  • Cati Basmati Says:

    Uhu, I feel special now! And what a great list of words to use from now on. My colleagues will hate me!

  • Grace Davis, Chief Wrangler Says:

    Alas. No win.

    And now I will slather on a potent, wintergreen scented unguent on my chest to soothe my aching heart.

  • Melissa R Says:

    erm, what was the winning word? Did I not read the blog thoroughly?

  • Ali Says:

    aww, what, no hammjamm?