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Sep 14 2009

Athens Street Art





There are a few more up on Flickr.

Many thanks to Intel for sending me to Greece as part of their Sponsors of Tomorrow Campaign.

5 Responses to “Athens Street Art”

  • lauren Says:

    is that second one joel robuchon as darth vader? that might be the most upmarket stencil i’ve ever seen.

  • Renee Says:

    I don’t think that is what I would expect from Greece as far as art goes…

  • Maggeh Says:

    Lauren, Ha! That’s it!

  • greco Says:

    Lauren, the image is of the curent Prime Minister (Kostas Karamanlis) in a Darth Vader costume.

  • Jasmin Says:

    loooooove me some global street art. thanks so much for posting these!