Mighty Life List
Aug 3 2009

Today’s Fun Thing

Breakfast for one at the St. Francis.

Breakfast for one at the St. Francis.

(Followed by oral surgery for one at the periodontist. Le sigh. Think healing thoughts for me, team.)

5 Responses to “Today’s Fun Thing”

  • Kelly Says:

    Good luck, Mighty Maggie! I’ll be thinking PAIN-FREE thoughts for you today!

  • hi kooky Says:

    Oy. Here’s to effective surgery, and a speedy, pain-free recovery!

  • Meg Says:

    Good healing thoughts. I’m glad you had a fun thing, you deserve it. Think of the bioluminecent plankton as you go under.

  • The Bug Says:

    Love the lipstick! Hope it all goes well for you. You can return the favor when I have shoulder surgery next week…

  • Lovely Monsters Says:

    Does the muffin have a tail sticking out of it, or is it just me?