Mighty Life List
Aug 31 2009


Watching the sunset in Santorini isn’t nearly as good as watching all the people watching the sunset.

I’m in Greece right now because Intel is sponsoring my Mighty Life List over the next few months.

Aug 31 2009

Photo Book Winners

Just a quick post to let you know who won the contest for a free Shutterfly photo book. Was it you?

21. Daphne
113. Lee
151. Jenny
267. KTM
286. Ana
236. Ellen
73. Leah
175. Shera
114. Sassafras Mama
319. Stephanie
164. Elsie
232. Carolynn

Congratulations! It’s fun to win things. I’ll send you a note shortly with info on how to get your book.

Aug 28 2009

Would you spy on your sitter?

Aug 28 2009

You guys were right


Dear Greek Yogurt,

You smell great. Have I told you that? Man, you smell great. Whoa. I think I might still be a little tipsy from last night.

Anyway, let’s be straight. It’s not like the girls haven’t told me about you. I mean, you’ve been around, and I’m not an idiot. The bass player, the bartender, the Greek Yogurt, your exploits have become cliché.

So let’s not pretend here, Greek Yogurt. I know you’re all about waking up with a girl every morning (as long as she’s in Greece), and then dropping off the face of the earth the minute her plane lands back home. And whatever, it’s none of my business. I’m on vacation, and here you are.

And here I am.

Why don’t you throw an arm around me, and we’ll hit the beach? You are so soft. Seriously, what is that? It’s unreal.


I’m in Greece because Intel is sponsoring my Mighty Life List. I’m bringing them back some yogurt.

Aug 25 2009

Can You Watch This?


For those of us who still leave our laptops in the care of strangers at the coffee shop when we need to use the restroom, my most recent WePC post is a roundup of anti-theft devices for your computer.

My favorite is inexpensive homing software that lets you disable a stolen computer remotely until the police can track it down. There’s also a pricey electric briefcase that envoltifies would-be thieves, but I’m pretty sure your name ends up on some government list if you buy one. Sort of like checking out Mein Kampf at the library, or muttering under your breath about Dick Cheney.

Who I’ve heard is a very nice man, by the way.

Aug 25 2009

First Night in Athens


This was just after a six year old copped a feel of Aubrey’s bum and then raced through the crowd. To her credit, Aubrey just let out a startled, “HUH!” and kept right on walking, as the men on the street roared. In retrospect, we think the kid might have been part of a pick-pocket distraction technique, though no pockets were picked. Such is the upside of traveling with an unflappable Southern girl.

Shortly afterward, we got caught in a sea of fourteen year olds, who swept us up a hillside in their wake. When we got our wits about us, Aubrey said, “I believe we’ve just accidentally found the church parking lot where teenagers go to makeout.” We refrained from making out with any teenagers.

Other small differences between here and home:

-The bathrooms have single use toothbrushes with toothpaste already on.
-Cats on the street sit under your table and meow for supper.
-At 11 p.m. on a Tuesday night, everyone is still gathered on the square.
-If you accidentally make eye contact with a man on the street, he takes you very, very seriously.


Laura. Get your bum over here. There’s a six year old we want you to meet.

Intel is making my site more interesting by sponsoring my Mighty Life List over the next few months. I’m in Greece because of them. Hi, you guys!

Aug 24 2009

Congrats, Traci!

Traci number 431 is the winner of the Young Love Unrequited Gift Pack, sponsored by SanDisk slotRadio.

I’m still working my way through everyone’s music-driven movie scenes, surprisingly good and varied thread. These are Traci’s favorites:

Traci, your pop rocks are on the way. Please do not consume them with soda, as we all remember what happened to Mikey.