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Jul 22 2009

Puerto Rico Photos

These are some of my favorite photos from our trip, but you can see all my snapshots here and here.

So as not to be sleazy, this is the part where I remind you that Intel paid for my trip. They’re sponsoring my Mighty Life List over the next few months. So this post is technically part of a very smart marketing campaign. Shield your eyes!

16 Responses to “Puerto Rico Photos”

  • LPC Says:

    I’m curious about the cockpit photo? And jealous. But that’s old news…I’m trying to get over it.

  • Renee Says:

    Love the pictures! It makes me miss when I lived in Miami and studied abroad in the Dominican Republic! I can’t wait to take a vacation!

  • jess w. Says:

    So incredibly jealous. I need a beach vacation to get out of this foggy misty crap that seems to be plaguing SF right now.

  • misstraceynolan Says:

    That puppet photo is the best thing I ever seen.

  • Long Story Longer Says:

    GORGEOUS! Both of youse.

  • jessica Says:

    so funny, i was in vieques for a week and on the way back to fajardo on the ferry i checked my reader and saw that you were on your way to vieques. i think you got off the ferry i got o! two ships passing in the night indeed.

  • Nora Says:

    I gotta say, as a fellow mental dental patient, your teeth look great. Gives us all hope.

    And the rest of the vacation looks pretty damn nice, too.

  • Amanda Coolidge Says:

    Okay- so the big question I want to know is how did you get Intel to sponsor your list?

  • Brittles Says:

    What an excellent opening photo! Hah!

  • PositivelyAnna Says:

    The one with the puppets is fabulous! And you look beautiful in the one you took of yourself in the pool. Thanks for making us a part of this trip!

  • Louise Says:

    Just added PictoBrowser to my blog because it looks so nice on yours. Sweet little widget!

  • kate2.0 Says:

    Awesome – what a fabulous experience! :)

  • rebecca Says:

    Beautiful photos, what kind of camera do you use?

  • cate Says:

    doesn’t puerto rico give you the warmest, yummiest feeling all over? old san juan is one of my favorite places on the planet. and that guitar-playing guy outside el convento is a rock star. hurray for you!

  • Maggeh Says:

    Rebecca, I use a Cannon Rebel XT with a 50mm 1:1:4 lens. The lens is the magic.

  • test Says:

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