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Jun 27 2009

The Hills It Is

Bryan: What do you want to watch?

Me: I don’t know.

Bryan: (clicking through channels) WIPEOUT!

Me: Ugh.

Bryan: Let me watch for 20 minutes, then you can watch whatever you want.

Me: For the rest of our lives?

19 Responses to “The Hills It Is”

  • nelking Says:

    How about, The Hills cast on Wipeout. Compromise?

  • greyfavorite Says:

    I’m hoping he said “sure” because he was already too distracted by his TV show to really listen.

  • Kimberli Says:

    …if only…sigh…that’s how I ended up watching The National Geographic Channel tonight.

  • Jennifer Says:

    What IS it about Wipeout? I think it’s becoming a minor religion for my husband. disturbing.

  • Cheri Says:

    My husband will watch cycling or the movie Troy (which is on every weekend). As I beg him to change the channel he ALWAYS says, wait, just 5 more minutes, this is the good part…

    Trust me, there is no good part.

  • Bea Says:

    good deal, take it.

    has he noticed yet?

  • Jenni Says:

    Oh I love Whipout… it is so funny that it always seems to make me laugh.

  • K. Says:

    My kids and husband love watching Wipeout…why are men like giant children???

  • stu Says:

    Low priority aside… why has your RSS feed gone all, well, rubbish?

  • Sandy Says:

    I love Wipeout!

  • Maggie Says:

    I like the response from greyfavorite (comment #2). I can get my husband to agree to all kinds of things when the TV is on.

  • Hadley Says:

    Wipeout is the only show on tv right now that makes me laugh out loud. Hilarious!

  • Maggeh Says:

    Stu, what feed/reader are you using? I haven’t changed any settings, but I’m getting complaints that people can’t see the full posts anymore.

  • Karen Says:

    I’m having troubles seeing the full posts in my rss reader, too. I use Google Reader.

  • stu Says:

    Yep, Google Reader for me too. I’m now only seeing headlines. Since it’s not deliberate (good-oh!) I’ve just tried an unsubscribe/resubscribe. Still the same problem :(

  • Sassafras Mama Says:

    My son (age of 9) is a Wipeout fanatic. I find it much more enjoyable to watch with him if I am drinking an icy adult beverage. Last week: rum & Coke. Classic.

  • Jennifer C Says:

    also not seeing full feeds in google reader…

  • Kelli Says:

    Love the new design!!! I would expect nothing less from the Amazing Maggie Mason!

  • bklyn76 Says:

    i am a closet tv fan and now that we have *real* cable this post makes me think you’re the luckiest woman!