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Jun 23 2009

Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart

Hi, all. I’ve decided to post these outfit by outfit, because posting all five at once was too overwhelming. Also, you’ll to want to savor this particular closet. This is my friend Margaret Stewart with her very fun daughters Beatrice and Isabel. Margaret is one of my fashion heros.

She’s a mom of three (Charlie wasn’t around when we were getting glammed up), and also the User Experience Manager at You Tube. You may recognize her from past posts — the Stewarts are around a lot, and even traveled to Argentina with us. In fact, Margaret bought this dress in Buenos Aires after many pouty faces in front of the dressing room mirror, and much encouragement from me.

She said, “I love it, but where will I wear it?” I said, “It has a tutu skirt! This is quintessential San Francisco formal. Too casual on top, ballerina on the bottom. It’s gonna come up.”

A while later she wore it to a Sex-and-the-City themed 30th birthday bash. See? Perfect. The genius dress is made by Veronica Alfie for Veroalfie. They didn’t have it in my size while we were there, but I’m still coveting it.

This enamel cuff is a recent purchase from the Maker Faire craft market. I love the colors. It’s by leighelena, who makes those rings I covet.

Shoes are by Stuart Weitzman, they were a hand-me-down from Margaret’s equally fashionable sister.

I wish I’d gotten a photo from behind, the tank is racer-back. Ooo-la-la.

But you must pay the rent!

Margaret’s beloved mustache necklace is from a Swedish Museum Shop. She doesn’t remember the designer’s name, but you can find all kinds of similar ones on Etsy.

So that’s day one! Tomorrow, casual wear. See you then.

21 Responses to “Mighty Closet: Margaret Stewart”

  • Melissa Says:

    That picture of the shoes is AWESOME! I love it.

    I also love these “mighty closet” posts. Thanks so much and Good job!

  • Danabug Says:

    Wow – I love that dress!

  • Natalie Says:

    You have such great friends, with such amazing jobs! (Youtube, really?! AWESOME) I love these Mighty Closet posts :)

  • Josy Says:

    I am LOVIN’ the Mighty Closet posts… and NORMAL size women is even better… you have wonderfully stylish friends… and I loved the “off to NYC” post too (for those of us ALWAYS trying to pack light!) You rock!

  • Wendi Simmons Says:

    I so enjoy all your posts, but gosh, these mighty closets ROCK! Thanks!

  • Melisa Says:

    I absolutely loveeeeee your Mighty Closet series! And that dress is supercalifragilistically awesome!

  • The other Margaret Says:

    The best part? You wouldn’t BELIEVE how comfy the dress is…..tulle hides a multitude of sins!

  • la_florecita Says:

    I can’t believe you said, “But you must pay the rent!” Took me straight back to Girl Scout camp. Thanks!

  • GirlsGoneChild Says:


  • kim at allconsuming Says:

    You know, the dress rocks, she is clearly an awesome kinda mum but her hair? I adore her hair.

  • Half Mum Half Biscuit Says:

    I’ve given you a nod over at mine. I pinched the Miranda July vid as I loved it so much. Love this dressing up stuff too.

  • SmartAss Says:

    So. I do love the mighty closet series. Or should that be mighty closets series.

    But just as much, ok, probably more so, I completely love the mighty photos.

    These are always so much fun!! The lighting! The action! The fun! The personalities! The clothes!

    I think it should be the Happy Mighty Closet Series cause the Mighty Closet Series makes me Mighty Happy!!!

    Just sayin!

  • Julia Says:

    I love these Mighty Closet posts. I love her daughters’ names… my daughter’s name is Beatrice Isabel!

  • dgm Says:

    Ah, that dress! Alas as a shawty, I could never pull it off. I’d look like a kid playing dress-up. But the mustache? That I can do.

  • Anne (in Reno) Says:

    Now all I can think of is:

    “But I can’t pay the rent!”

    Love the MC series, I hope to see lots more of these inspirational posts!

  • Calamity Jill Says:

    So not a dress girl, and yet… so in love.

  • Jamie Says:

    HAHAHAHA! The you must pay the rent is the best! I had never heard this until my twin 7 yr old sisters sang it at a school exordium!

  • Maggie Says:

    Mags, you look awesome!!

  • Franca Bollo Says:

    Nice turnout, Margaret. Former ballerina?

  • The other Margaret Says:

    Franca, I wish. I almost fell over twice trying to get it right. But I’m glad I faked it well!

  • Elly Says:

    Ha! This looks like such a fun photoshoot! :)