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Jun 17 2009

You guys, I’m getting maaaarried!

Actually, my husband would frown on that. I guess one of you should buy this instead.

12 Responses to “You guys, I’m getting maaaarried!”

  • gesikah Says:

    Dude, just the other day I was just trying to convince one of my younger sisters to get married so they could wear this EXACT dress. That and I want that chick’s hairs.

  • Ariel Says:

    Where was this when I was buying my wedding dress?????
    I could have saved 600….

  • Teresa Says:

    Oh my. That dress is very similar to the wedding dress my mother wore in 1970. She made it herself. I would have worn it to my own wedding except the dress hit around my shins. Sigh.

  • alexia Says:

    lace is almost always awful. period.

  • amy Says:

    That is just the most gorgeous dress….

  • Kristin Says:

    Pretty princess. Her shop is awesome, there went 15 minutes.

  • The other Margaret Says:

    Ugh. I just spent $96 at this chick’s store. My favorite part is her inventive naming; she’s a walking encyclopedia of pop culture!

  • kate Says:

    Oh come on. How could your husband possibly deny you the chance to wear that fabulous dress?

  • trixie Says:

    I like this dress, but I covet the Jane Birkin dress. Where’s my credit card?

  • Swedish Pankakes Says:

    Not a fan . . . still like the one I picked out (though it cost 1/5 of the wedding budget).


  • Kristina Says:

    Oh man do I wish I were getting married, or were small enough to fit into that.

  • Stacy Says:

    That looks almost exactly like my mom’s wedding dress, although hers was longer and had a train. She and my grandmother chose it in July of 68 because momma was super skinny and three-ish months pregnant and already showing enough that they wanted to be as discreet as possible. Even though everyone attending that wedding knew what was up. Good times.