Mighty Life List
Jun 12 2009


Things I have recently wondered about life and death because of Josh Allen:

-If my non-cremated body were shot into space, would it rot? If so, how much would a NASA-patch shroud slow the decomposition rate? If not, what are the mathematical odds my body would be discovered by alien life forms? Pretty slim, I’d think.

-Actually, I bet people use Power Point at funerals at lot.

-It seems like Purell would kill sperm, right? Someone has tried that out by now.

-Why do magicians dress like Dracula?

10 Responses to “Hmm”

  • maria Says:

    OR, maybe, why does Dracula dress like a magician? Maybe it’s a hobby of his.

    Everyone needs a hobby.

  • Sarah Says:

    Your non-cremated body wouldn’t rot because I don’t think there are many bacteria that are active at 3 degrees kelvin. You’d be cryogenically preserved — like Ted Williams! I would think that collisions with other space debris would break up your body, though, so the odds of an alien life form discovering it would be pretty slim. :)

  • Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com Says:

    Yeah, we used PowerPoint at a family funeral a few years ago. NOT WORTH THE EFFORT. Seriously, nobody watches the slideshow at all because they’re too busy sniffling and talking about memories, and it sucks to put it together because all you want to do is sniffle and talk about memories.

  • The Bug Says:

    We had a slideshow at my mom’s funeral – we played it before the service in the sanctuary & it was really the part that everyone loved best. My mom had cancer so it was great to see pictures of her healthy & goofy…

    Regarding shooting my body into space – this is TOTALLY irrational, but now I have a new phobia: I’m not really dead, but someone decides to shoot me into space, & I wake up for the split second before being shot into space kills me!

  • Erica Says:

    Wouldn’t a body explode in space because of atmospheric pressure, or something? Maybe if the dead body was dressed in a space suit it would just float around…until it started to decompose inside the suit! So I think it all comes down to how the body is dressed when it’s shot into space.

  • Why Mom Drinks Rum Says:

    Nope…it would freeze solid. No rot. However, pretty sure your ass would be spread across the milky way when you hit your first celestial object.

    I find a mean glare also kills sperm. Or maybe that’s the production of same. Schma. Either way.

  • E Says:

    We do memorial services at my work a lot (oddly enough, we’re not a funeral home), and most people use PowerPoint to create a slideshow. If not a slideshow there is almost always some sort of pictures to music DVD. It is kind of odd…

  • amy Says:

    i just love you.

  • Ariel Says:

    I can’t help but wonder if this caused a spike in the google searches for Purell and sperm. I certainly looked.

  • Vicki Says:

    I work about 500 yards from Alcor…the place where Ted Williams is “resting”. I get upset when I am reminded of it.