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Jun 9 2009

Momversation: Working Moms

I am in this one, despite my absence in the little intro.

All this blogging is making my fingers so tired.

7 Responses to “Momversation: Working Moms”

  • Alex Says:

    Thanks for this one – it’s so nice to hear a lot of “yay, work!” instead of the usual mommy wars nonsense. I’m on day 3 of Vacation With Two-Year-Old (an oxymoron) and much as I love watching my kid explore, I miss my job!

  • Angela G Says:

    Oh Maggie, you are so singing my song about the 5 hours of trucks. I just can’t do that. My son is just 2 months younger than Hank. At the playground my IPod is my savior.

    I am also not cut out to be a full time stay-at-home mom. I do the whole 40+ hour week. I am up a 6 am, out the door and after work the “mommy shift” starts I have not found articles or tips or anything like that for the average working mom. If there is an article about a working mom, it is about a CEO or a SVP. Someone with the money to hire a house cleaner. I find magazines seem to focus on stay-at-home moms or high powered moms.

  • nelking Says:

    Rules of working and parent

  • nelking Says:

    Oops did I really hit enter?

    1. Have a partner that shares working and parenting

    2. Lower your expectations so you can find joy in exceeding them

    3. Seek congruence not balance

  • joanna goddard Says:

    you are totally adorable!

  • セフレ Says:


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