Mighty Life List
Jun 4 2009

Mighty Life List: Lovely Object #2

A birthday cake for Michelle!

Michelle’s artwork was just featured on NPR. She says this is her lucky year, and it’s looking pretty good already.

6 Responses to “Mighty Life List: Lovely Object #2”

  • Erica Says:

    This is such a pretty (and delicious looking) cake! The pinwheels are a fun touch.

  • lauren Says:

    i sure hope you didn’t set those lovely pinwheels on fire. though that would be pretty boss as well.

  • amy Says:

    Gorgeous cake and friend, Happiest of Birthdays!

  • RCG Says:

    i LOVE the pinwheels!

  • Misha Says:

    is that from the silicone cathedral cake mold?

  • Maggeh Says:

    No, it’s from a metal Williams Sonoma mold Bryan bought years ago.